Monday, February 15, 2010

Heart Winners and What to do about it!

Thank you all for participating in the Seven Hearts Series.  For those who came and read and learned something new - that is what this week was all about.  I know all of the guest posts were heart wrenching to say the least.  But that is why it is so important to get the word out.  Each of those stories comes from a child who was 1 in 100.  That is how often heart defects occur  - and no one knows it.

If you want to help the cause, there are various ways you can participate.
  • donate to the Children's Heart Foundation - they give to research projects specific to CHD's.  (only 1% of the money from the American Heart Assoc. goes to CHDs.)
  • donate to Spencer's Fund - to help families with the costs of extended hospital stays or long trips to reach their hospital.
  • When you buy from Red Envelope - shop through this link - then $10 of your gift purchase will support the Childrens Heart Foundation
Free ways to help
  • Send an ecard from PunchBowl and Spread the Love - a donation will be made to the Children's Heart Foundation for each one you send!
  • Until pulse oximetry tests are standard. You can tell mothers and fathers to ask their doctor to run a pulse ox on their newborn between 24 to 48 hours of age.  It is the cheap, esy and a noninvasive way to test for CHD.
  • Spread the word. Awareness means more support for much needed research funding. Awareness means less mothers and fathers will find out about CHD from the coroner.
Now for the good stuff!  The winners!
First, unknowingly, our heart moms were entered to win one of two heart mom pendants.  Lucky10 Awareness Pendants graciously gave me two pendants to share - and they are beautiful! They have a child with a CHD and make these to raise awareness! I also love their heart strong pendants, so please go check them out!

Our first heart mom winner is.... number one! Chloe's Mom, Kelly! 
Our second heart mom winner is .... number four! Jacob's Mom, Goofy J

Please go thank these Heart Mom's for sharing their stories and tell them congrats on their win!

Now on to the Seven Hearts in Seven Day's Giveaway Winners (I know that is what you have all been waiting for :)

Winner A gets a box of Godiva Chocolate - chosen from 100 entries via  - Winner A is DG!

Winner B gets a $20 gift certificate to Target -Winner B is Abby!

Winner C gets a heart necklace -Winner C is DG again! 

Congrats to all my winners!  I've sent your notifications, you have 48 hours to get back to me.


  1. I've been able to read a few of the posts and you were right about them being gut-wrenching to read. I couldn't even begin to imagine going through that with any of my children.

    Thank you for doing this series!

  2. Thanks again for running the series! It was a wonderful way to raise awareness/

  3. Thank you again for sharing our stories. You did a great job of helping spread awareness. I've had friends and family that have commented to be about the other stories. They all know what we have gone through with Cain but I think it opened their eyes to what other families have been through as well. We were so lucky to have found out about Cain's defects early (20 weeks into pregnancy). This series just reminded me again why awareness is SO VERY IMPORTANT!!! Thanks again for all you have done.

  4. wow! i won! i never win! thanks so much for the awesome idea!

  5. i received the heart mom necklace in the mail. i love it! i will cherish forever!!!! thanks again!!!


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