Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In need of a change

Look around, it's yucky in here.  And it's gross outside. 
So I'm in need of a change.  A blog makeover sounds so nice doesn't it?

I sort of know what I want.  Something clean and simple, but nice and eye catching.

Now, where to go, where to go.

I know of two ladies who do makeovers for blogger, (and no I'm not switching to wordpress anytime soon -the task scares the begeezes out of me). But is there anyone you recommend?

Here's your chance to brag about your blog or your neighbors blog, or your friend who does blog makeovers.  Here's your chance to make me go check out the references!  Who should I go to for my new design?


  1. Look at the blogs you like the looks of and see if they give credit somewhere for the layouts and graphics :)

  2. Ive seen several bloggers use

  3. Well...I haven't had anyone do my blog for me...I do the free designs. But..Katydid and Kid is currently working on a button and banner for me. I'm not sure if she does whole blogs though. I feel I wouldn't want to pay for a whole blog makeover due to me wanting to change it up often. But the banner and button can follow whatever blog layout I may choose next.

  4. Danielle at The Design Girl did my makeover and she was great to work with!! She listened to exactly what I wanted and she has such big variety of scrapbooking kits to work with.

    I have her button at the bottom of my right sidebar if you want to check her out!

  5. Hmm I've been thinking about a blog makeover too!


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