Friday, January 29, 2010

5 reasons to jump for joy

So I've been a little cranky this week.  With good reason, but still.  I'm really more of a look at the bright side, optimistic type person and I've had about enough, so when I read Helene's post this morning, (which brightened my day!) I just had to join in on the fun!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up puts on Feel Good Friday's each week and has a few prompts to choose from that will absolutely make you feel better!  (a good idea for all of us in this winter funk!)  I chose

Just make a list. List 5 things that made you really happy this week. No matter how bad or boring you think your week was, I bet you can find 5 things.

So, here are my five things in completely random order!

1. It may really snow here tomorrow - a good 4 inches, with some ice, which means the kids will get to play in it.  AND my father, being the big kid that he is, bought us a plastic sled to replace the old red metal and wood one I have from childhood!

2. Report cards came out this week and the boys are doing above and beyond what is expected of them. I am so proud of my smarty pants!

3.  Little man has only had poopy accidents, he has got the peeing in the potty down pat!  Even wakes up in the middle of the night to go!

4. These fancy drugs that I am on have also killed the pain in my jaw that was driving me nuts.

5. Because I counted this morning, I know that in 76 days my bestest friend will be here instead of 708 miles away.

The Constitution only guarantees the American people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself. ~Benjamin Franklin

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Frosty the Snowman was a jolly piece of sleet

So when you live smack in the middle of NC, you know you are going to get wonderful 4 seasoned weather.  It's never too hot, never too cold.  Plenty of rain, no real flooding, no fires, no earthquakes.  You expect cold in the winter without having to wear long johns, and warmth in the summer without needing sunblock to walk to your car. 

It is the nice middle area.

Until this year.  The year of  North Carolina UN-warming.  For 10 days straight we had the coldest weather ever, some kind of record streak.  Where it dropped to the teens every single night and we were lucky if it was 33 during the day.  Now for those of you in Minnesota and such, we are wimps down here, so bear with us.  When we expect a low of 33 and that is our high for 10 days straight, something is wrong.

And then they keep predicting snow. But of course we live in NC so the Mountains get snow and those of us in the middle get slushy sleet stuff.  School even gets cancelled for our slushy stuff.  Once a year we expect 1 inch of snow. We look at it, say ahh how pretty, and go back inside.  This year, there have been inches of snow in some parts and floods in others.  I've had enough already.

But here we are again, and they are predicting snow, again.  For my area 2-4 inches.  Now hear me weather people.  Do NOT predict snow unless it is really going to happen, my kids are excited for the third time this year and you better make good on your promises!  Because if I have to dress them up to go sliding around in ice one more time - I may lose it.  (although it is hilarious to watch and they really enjoy it).  I want our 2 inches, I want it nice and pretty and I want it when I wake up on Saturday morning.

I made myself a snowball
Just as perfect as could be.
I thought I'd keep it as a pet
And let it sleep with me
I gave it some pajamas
And a pillow for its head.
Then, last night it ran away,
But first . . . .it wet the bed!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday - ehhhh

It's Wednesday and I need to get a few things off my chest. 

For all those who want to know - physically it is easier to have twins than to have a singleton.  At least in my case.  Really, two five pound babies were much easier to push out than one over nine pound baby.  And what that one nine pounder did to my body.  Forget stretch marks-

When I first went to the fancy digestive doctor about a year ago - he looked at me and said
"You do realize that after having a nine pound child you are going to have problems.  You are going to have hemrrohoids."

Great I thought.  A year later I'm back at the same doctor. Again the same jokes.  Again my 9 pounder caused my issues, only now I'm on all these fantastic drugs for 2 weeks to solve my issues (which you don't want the details of).

So excuse me if I'm a little cranky.

On to you jerks who invented this latest spyware/malware/virus crap that is disguised as a antivirus program.  You are on my nerves.  Don't you have anything better to do?  I have now fixed two computers (one at work and one at home) due to your crap.  It is not in my job description and apparently you need a job.  If you can create that crap- I'm sure you'd make better money at some tech place fixing computers.

Lastly, winter I've had enough.  I'm ready for spring.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who is smarter?

For all of you stopping by from Multiples and More - HELLO!  For those that don't know, Multiples and More is a great blog dedicated to parents of twins, triplets, quads, etc - hence the name Multiples and More.  They are fabulous! Each week they present articles for parents on everything from what type of stroller to buy to books for parents.  And of course they feature readers/parents of multiples - which today is on ME!  YIPEE!

On to the matter at hand - who is smarter?

That ignorant question got asked by an older gentlemen to my twins while standing in line at Golden Corral Friday night.  I about fell over.  He apparently knew they were twins, and wanted to ask something witty, but really - who is smarter? 

Twins find themselves loving each other, but also in constant competition with each other.  As parents, many of us work hard not to compare them.  They are two different people, who happen to have been born at the same time.  Just like we all have our strengths and weaknesses so do they.

T2 was good, he answered "Well I'm smarter in math, but he is smarter in reading."  T1 got upset at the beginning of the statement, hearing that he wasn't as good at math, but then realized what T2 was saying was true.  They are different, while their aptitudes are very similar, T1 just gets reading faster.  And T2 gets math faster. 

The man didn't know how to respond.  What did he expect, one of them to say "I am!"  Not in my house.  No one is "smarter" than anyone else, or "better" than anyone else.  We are all different and all good at different things.  It may be easy to compare twins, but really, let's not make it worse on them than it already is.

What questions to people ask your kids that you hate?

Monday, January 18, 2010

So Mommy is a Girl

In case you haven't noticed all the blue and brown around here, I -the Mommy - live in a house full of boys.

People say boys are more rambunctious than girls. They say they get dirtier.  I don't really know, because I have no comparison other than myself, and well I don't really remember that far back.

Most of the time, the twins don't even remember that Mommy is a girl, unless I do something outrageous like put on makeup.  Then they look at my face and say "Mommy, you put that stuff on!"  It's the kind of normal in my house, that Mommy is expected to get out and play sports and get dirty, just like the boys.  We all have water fights, and nerf gun wars.  It was all well and good until Santa brought the dirt bike

Don't get me wrong, the boys love riding it (now that it is no longer as cold as the Arctic).  They and Dear Hubby have created grand plans for everyone in the family to have one, and to go ride trails together.  Everyone that is, except Mommy.  Mommy is supposed to ride a 4 wheeler.  Not Dear Hubby's rule, the twins rule.

Reasons Mommy needs a 4 wheeler.  A: Mommy is a girl B: Mommy could get hurt.

Well how 'bout them apples?

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  I am not allowed to have a dirt bike?  Me?  The-non- primpy- hates to wear a dress- played rugby- Mommy?  Shock wasn't even the word.  I was a little more upset.  What have I taught my children that they think I shouldn't have a dirt bike? 

After some conversation T1 did finally come around and agree that I could ride, and he would even teach me.  T2, against it.  He was really afraid of Mommy getting hurt.  This from the child without fear of his own life flashing before his eyes.

Saturday, we decided to go for it no matter what the twins said.  T1 reluctantly taught me to ride, and T2, decided it was ok, "since I didn't get hurt."

Any "girls" in your house?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

For me?!?! Why Thank you , Thank you, Thank you.

So if you get the same award from 3 different people does that make you extra special, or the award just amazing?

Happy 101 was given to me by the gracious Emma at Toddler Awesome -  by the amazing Shandal at My Life in 3D, and by the dedicated Working Mommy at Lessons Learned

Of course they gave me an award that comes with rules - so I guess since I was a little cranky earlier in the week - I should really follow these rules. First I have to list 10 things that make me happy.  Just me?  Ok just me.

10.  Summer - or warmth, it doesn't actually have to be summer - above 70 degrees makes me happy.
9. Watching flowers grow and bloom.
8. Sleeping in
7. Godiva Chocolate
6. Watching someone learn something new
5. Singing out loud in the car by myself
4. reading a good book
3. not having a to do list
2. Spending one on one time with my hubby
1. Hearing the sound of laughter from my boys cascading though my house.

And now for the 10 people who I am passing this on to (because I'm following the rules today)!  There are some newbies I've found lately - I wanted to share with - so be sure to check them out.

Friday, January 15, 2010

What, Who, You, looking for me???

My story that I wrote during a writers workshop is being featured at
 Waiting for the Click - if you are interested in reading it.

I started making this a monthly blog post because no matter what I do, I just cannot get enough of you people.  Maybe it is the voyer in all of us, I'm not really sure.  But when someone searchs "vodka + hemorrhoids"  and chooses to go to my blog from the search results, I have got to know about it.

Other searches I have to know about:
  •  how to make my parent teacher conference awkward  I thought they were awkward enough personally - I didn't know anyone needed to try to make them worse. 
  • hemorrhoid show up after push too hard - ok you my dear need to see a doctor not me, and didn't you're momma every teach you what fruit was for?
  • einstein boys blog - We all wish we could have Einstein's kids - but a lass we don't.
  • sayings about boys bathroom - gross, disgusting, dirty, stinky, smelly
  • creative punishments for lying - you have some - I'm listening
  • my nephew is scared of me - well maybe you shouldn't have dressed up like dracula for Halloween
  • why are stay at home fathers taboo - well hell if I know, but we are working to change that!
  • TRADITION: SIT WITH HUSBAND IN ROOM LIT ONLY BY - oh I wish I knew what the rest of that search contained
  • what happens if you touch elf on the shelf - the elf loses his powers and you lose a finger.
  • boys using the toilet - they never actually use it completely, they just usually aim and miss.
  • one gift for 3 boys = a fight waiting to happen
  • kids flushed something down toilet - word to the wise, call a plumber, so much easier than doing it yourself!!!
  • possibility of having three boys - for me 100% cause we are done!
I always pass on good advice. It's the only thing to do with it. It is never any use to oneself. ~Oscar Wilde, An Ideal Husband, 1895

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Exhaustion! Clear and Utter

I read about some amazing moms out in blogosphere and really I don’t know how they do it. I only have three kids – not six, not multiple multiples, just one set. But there are days when I just can’t do it anymore.

I called in sick to work yesterday. And rolled back over in bed. And slept until 11:45 am. I can’t believe it myself. I haven’t slept that late since I was in college and we didn’t get home before daybreak. Monday night I went to bed at a decent hour, although I already felt kinda crappy. Nothing in particular, just drained. I’m not really sure what did it.

  • Maybe it was the kid who had to do his first ever book report, and then turned his book back into the library on Friday
  • Maybe it was facilitating 2 book reports over the weekend
  • Maybe it was the fact that these reports were actually projects that took hours upon hours
  • Maybe it’s that little man is not quite potty trained, and refuses to let anyone put his pants back on other than me, causing numerous interruptions.
  • Maybe it's that it has been too fricking cold for too long. I did not chose to live in the south so I could wake up to 16 degree weather every day for 12 days straight. I hate the cold!
  • Maybe it’s the after Christmas blues.
  • Maybe it's that work has been kinda nutty.
  • Maybe it’s this AWFUL toothache I have and can’t get grips on and am waiting for money to come in so I can go to the dentist.

And writing all this makes me want to crawl back in bed. I don’t know. I know a lot of you have it worse off than me – but I needed a day to rest and a day to vent and I’ll be better tomorrow. I hope!

Just because you're miserable doesn't mean you can't enjoy your life. ~Annette Goodheart

Monday, January 11, 2010

Crapped Out in NC

How's the potty training going you ask.

So glad you asked. 

So far we've got the pee in the potty down pretty good.  We can even make it through the night.  But we have another little issue.  We've crapped in the potty once, in our pants once, and on the floor once.  Any tricks on making that part of the ordeal transition easier????

On the flip side - don't you love these undies the in-laws bought?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Seven Hearts in Seven Days: Announcement

The New Year has offically begun, and Februrary is around the corner.  Exactly one month from tomorrow, starts Congential Heart Defect Awareness Week!

As some of you know, Little Man was born with a heart defect.  You can read about the moment that changed my life here, but I don't talk about it too much.  You see, I am one of the lucky ones.  My son's condition got better, and has yet to require surgery or invasive procedures, but many Heart Moms are not so lucky.

Very soon after my son was diagnosed, I started trying to raise awareness for CHD.  I didn't want another Mom to be shocked like I was.  For all the warnings we get while we are trying to concieve or are pregnant, very few of us ever hear about the NUMBER ONE birth defect - heart defects!

"Nearly twice as many children die from congenital heart disease in the United States each year as die from all forms of childhood cancers combined" ~AHA

"At least nine of every 1,000 infants born a year have a heart defect. That’s almost one percent of live-born infants." ~AHA

This year I am doing a program called Seven Hearts in Seven Days.  During the week of Februrary 7-14, 2010 I am going to have other Heart Mom's guest post on my blog here.  For the grand finale on the 14th I will have a link up of all the blog posts raising awareness for Congential Heart Defects.

Please join me in raising awareness.  Grab the button on the side bar,  post your own stories of Seven Hearts in Seven Days during awareness week, write in memory of a heart angel,  or just join me for the finale and post facts on CHD.  Whatever you do, know that it will help another Mom!

If you want more information on CHD Awareness Week, check out CHIN!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Can you read the writing on the walls?

When we found out we were preggo with our singleton we were so excited that we were going to be able to decorate a whole room for him.  With the twins we were living in a rental with wood panelled walls in each room, so we weren't quite as lucky.

We put a lot of work into Little Man's room.  And it is was perfect.  Now there is new writing on the walls.

Can you read it?  I think it says - "I'll pee in my clothes if I want to!"

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Starting 2010 off right!

Back in July I posted about starting the potty training on Little Man,  I never did an update.  Why? Because he is a stubborn little tyke and wasn't really ready.  My next goal was at Thanksgiving, but after the toilet debacle - there was no physical way of making it happen.  So yesterday morning I woke up ready to tackle the task again.

First, this kid is as stubborn as it comes, and well, diapers are much easier for him.  We've had him in pull ups for awhile and he has learned to take them off and understands the concept of going potty.  In theory.

The twins are a great help - they tell him everytime they have to go, so that he has a shinning example of what to do.

*** Post interrupted to run peeing child to the potty ****

Yesterday he managed to pee in the bathroom.  I actually gave him a reward, because well, he tried.  He just happened to be sitting on the edge of the toilet and all the pee went on the step stool. 

Today he has learned to sit backwards on the toilet.  (he doesn't like his potty at all)  That's pretty much all he's learned today.

But this is my goal - no diapers in 2010!!!  I think we can do it.  With patience, persistance, and a lot of prayers.