Sunday, February 14, 2010

When your heart is gone

Welcome to the last day of Seven Hearts in Seven Days - if you are looking for more information on Congenital Heart Defects or how to get in on the giveaway - check out last Saturday's post.
Today's post comes from Kristine at Cora's Story

Cora’s Story.

I wonder what I was doing last Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Week, last Valentine’s Day.

I wasn’t even pregnant with my heart baby yet.

I’d never heard of congenital heart disease yet, that’s for sure.

A year later, I consider congenital heart disease awareness to be the most important message anyone can spread to expecting parents, moms and dads, and the world.

I found out I was pregnant Easter Sunday 2009. You can imagine the, “guess what the Easter Bunny gave me” text messages and phone calls that came out of that one.

My pregnancy was a surprise so I immediately went and bought prenatal vitamins and “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” a famous pregnancy book. I kicked into mommy mode, made big life chances and started taking care of myself and my baby.

I had good prenatal care and thankfully a healthy pregnancy. My baby was born only 6 days before her due date, or right on time, November 30, 3009.

My daughter, Cora, looked perfect when she was laid on my stomach. The nurses and doctor quickly gave her a clean bill of health. I sighed in relief. She was here, and she was healthy.

We took her home after two days and spent the next three days wrapped up in becoming a new little family. Cora looked as normal as can be.

Then I looked down and she was dead.

I was breastfeeding one early morning when she died. Out of nowhere.

We rushed to the hospital. Nothing could be done.

I screamed and moaned and was so confused. What could have happened? This made absolutely no sense. She was healthy!

The coroner called a few days later. That’s how I first learned about congenital heart disease.

It’s the number one birth defect. Number one baby killer. Let’s work together to make sure no other Mom learns about CHD from the coroner.

Kristine Brite McCormick writes about Cora (almost) daily on her blog  If not on her blog, she can be found on Twitter, @kristinebrite or Cora’s Facebook Fan page,  telling Cora’s Story. Follow Kristine for more information about congenital heart disease or to learn more about the acts of compassion and kindness Cora has inspired.

If you have written a post this week for CHD Awareness, please link up below. 
To all my readers, thank you for visiting with us this week, please take the time to read the posts from these amazing women!  And if you or someone you know is pregnant, have them ask for a level 2 ultrasound, and pulse ox screening after birth, it will save lives!
Happy Heart Day


  1. Oh Kristine... no words can express what I'm feeling. Cora was beautiful.

  2. I am deeply sorry for your loss. Cora was a beautiful child and it's remarkable of you to share such a terrifying event and continue to raise awareness for CHD.


  3. Cora was beautiful and my heart just breaks for you. I too hope that fewer and fewer moms have to find out about CHD from the coroner and that more and more of our beautiful special children can have longer lives and happy futures.

  4. Thank you for all the support. I'm lucky to have people like you by my side as I travel down this path to advocacy.

  5. Kristine,

    Everytime I read Cora's story it breaks my heart. I remember the first time I read it on your blog in Decemeber and left a comment to you, I was tearing up and just so frusterated and angry that you had to go through this. Cora is one amazing little girl whose legacy is saving lives one day at a time! She was so beautiful! I keep you in my prayers!


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