Wednesday, February 17, 2010


You know when you start to get that itch towards the end of winter?  That itch that occurs when you've been cooped up too long in the same hole, looking at the same four walls.  When the broken blinds really start to grate on your nerves.

I've got that itch.  It may be because we've gotten record snowfalls every other week for the past two months here in Southern North Carolina!  (so glad I don't live up north) Or maybe it is because I really am tired of looking at blinds that the dogs/children have broken.  Either way - I'm ready for a change.

I bought new curtains (no I didn't make them, I wimped out - too much on my plate right now) for 6 of the windows in our house.  Love them!  And the blinds are in the trash!

I'm making some changes around me too.  I have some goals - not new years resolutions - but more of things I want to accomplish.  I'm 30 now, and out of shape.  Not overweight, just not able to do the things I used to do.  I want to change that.  I want to feel better about me again.

And I'm making changes here.  I hated my old look - too busy, too much, I'm so much more of a simplier gal.  Instead of paying for a blog makeover, I'm slowly doing it myself.  What do you think of the new header? Seriously can you see it all, because I have a big screen and it fits, but maybe not on a small screen.  What do you think of the new layout? Is it easier to read?

And lastly what changes are you making around you? Do you have the itch?


  1. Good luck with your changes! The blog looks great and I'm on my laptop (with a small screen). Yes, that lovely itch. I've had for ages - specifically the last month+ but mainly because I have been in the middle of my first trimester, feeling constantly sick and watching the house fall apart around me. I feel antsy not being as active as I try to be (I so need to get in shap AND loose weight - but after baby for that second one I suppose). Plus, I live in Oregon and its rain, rain, rain.

    But today the sun has come out, I am finally feeling better (moving out of that 1st trimester at last), and I am doing something today about that itch! :-D I am going to get moving and get my house more in order and walk outside and soak up the first sun in weeks. :-D

  2. Like the new headed. I can see it all on my screen. It looks good.

  3. Love the changes! I've made them on mine too!!! Your header looks cute!!!

  4. Yes!!! I am itching all over!!! I have hated my computer desk for-ever! We are moving my desk to the basement and I will finally have some privacy sort-of/not really. It will be in the family room, but I can close the dorr and get some peace! We are re-painting and I am making it a pretty place!!!

    I have a big screen too so your header fits here! Looks great!

  5. Aaah! I am so itchy!

    Love the new look! Great job with the header!

  6. I have some awards for you on my blog!

    Stop by and grab them!

  7. Ooh, I like the new header! It all fits on my screen. :-)

  8. I like the new's awesome! I think I always have the change itch. I just have to use the free layouts though, cause I change it up too often. I've slowly been changing out blinds that have been destroyed by the kids and dog too! I didn't do curtains though. Maybe I should've..the dang blinds are NOT cheap.

  9. i love the new look! LOVE IT! keep on with the changes! it will be spring soon! YAY!!!!

  10. OH BOY do I have the itch.

    I went yesterday to work out because i wanted to exercise but more importantly I wanted OUT of the house.

    New curtains, hm? Sewing actually sounds fun. Can I do it outside in the sunshine?

  11. The look is fabbo and kudos to you for doing it yourself!


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