Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a 2 yr old ADDICT

Am I a bad Mommy if my 2 yr old is addicted to coffee?

Not the "pulease caffee" kind.

The kind of addict that will stand screaming in front of the coffee pot if there is none made before he wakes up. "CAFFEE! CAFFEE! CAFFEE!"

Really my husband triggered this addiction. He allowed our son to drink from his coffee cup on occasion. And now - my 2 year old must have no less than 2 cups of coffee before he starts his day.
Before watching his favorite movie, before changing of the diaper, before morning kisses, before anything - he must have his coffee. Otherwise this screaming - or high pitched hurt dolphin squeal - erupts from his throat. The squeal alone is enough to send you running for the hills - but then the stomping of the left foot will cause you to double over in laughter. Laughter is not allowed before coffee. Eventually the squeal will turn into something audible although still at very high decibels. Quickly you find a cup and poor the coffee - careful to let him SEE the coffee going into the cup - otherwise he won't believe you put it in there. Quickly add milk, quickly give it to the screaming, crying, dying child who apparently needs his coffee to act normal.

And I thought my addictions were bad.

(disclaimer: caffee consists of 1 oz of coffee, 1/2 tsp sugar, 10 oz milk)


  1. i am not a coffee drinker, so no worries about coffee addicts here! but my son would prob love the caffee b/c he thinks it's COOL to drink it for some reason

  2. Maybe I drink a cup of coffee once a week. But, I think is your kid like it, let's he enjoy it. I can imagine his screaming for a cup of coffee, so cute.

  3. I read that one cup of coffee a day isn't really bad for children, so you have that going for you ;)

    Thank you for the disclaimer - 2 oz. total is way different than 1 cup. I was picturing a very strung out little toddler...

    wait, maybe he is.

  4. You know, I'm a huge fan of "pick your battles" and if 1 oz of coffee and a little sugar is gonna get him to drink a full cup of milk, it's totally worth it. My kids love iced tea so I'll give them maybe 3 oz and fill the rest of the cup with water...I'm sure there's caffeine in the iced tea. A little bit never hurts.

  5. OMGosh...How funny! My son had his first sip of my Iced Coffee the other day and thought it was good.
    I can just picture your little one standing there in the morning waiting for the coffee...too cute! :)
    Thanks for stopping by and have a Great day!

  6. Oh man that is a hilarious post!
    Thanks for coming by my blog! YAY for the pale folks! ;)

    Nana's Box

  7. That is too funny!! If my kids would drink that much milk I would totally give them an ounce of coffee to go with it:)
    Thanks so much for putting up the Blog Party Button!

  8. LOL! I love this post! I was that kid! My grandparents made me a very similar concoction when I was that age! If it's any consolation I turned out fine, well, sort of. :)

  9. I was like that when I was a kid but with tea. I needed the 1 oz. tea to 10 oz. milk ratio and yes, I needed to see that my mom poured tea in it. So she would just put 10 o.z milk in the cup first even before I woke up and would pour little bit of tea slooooowly in the cup of milk. I would happily chug all the milky tea thinking I am so grown up that I can drink tea :).

  10. Gotta pick your battles... that's hilarious though! Imagine his severe addiction when he's in college, or worse, the working world!


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