Tuesday, September 29, 2009

words that are taboo

We all know what curse words are but what about those other words - those words that aren't "bad" but you don't want your kids to say anyway.

Yesterday at Curriculum Night, I was talking to another Mom who had been informed by the teacher that her son told a girl "He had to go piss." She was mortified that her second grader used the word PISS.

Of course this came only hours after I read Mrs. Fish's blog about her son being in trouble for using the word STUPID.

In our house we have a few words that I do not allow at all - stupid, idiot, crap. And instead of curse words I've been known to say things like
"Oh Snap" and "You're full of poodookie dust"

And yesterday when I was asked what those eight nubs were on the dog - I said they were her boobs. Because if I had responded with nipples or breasts, rolls of laughter would have been emitted and the educational experience would have been lost. I know I don't teach the proper words - but really I live in a house full of boys.

What words are used in your house?

You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance. ~ Franklin P. Jones


  1. my son has used PISSED too but not in public yet and i emphasize YET

  2. Some curse words are replaced with other things, such as "holy mole poop". And sometimes it's just the spelling that changes, like when blogging I say holy sheet.

  3. Hahah! I often accidentally use the "stupid" word when I'm babysitting, and they never hesitate to correct me. I just want to be like, "I'm sorry but it's OK for adults to say stupid, just not you!!!!" But I'm guessing they hypocrisy in that would make the lesson just fly out the window...

  4. Ok...PISS? That is a little much. Guess I should be happy about stupid? HA HA

    And Oh DANG!! I love the new look. ;)

  5. Words we use: peep, poop, boobies, toots, butt

    Words we don't use: stupid, dumb, idiot, $hit, OMGod... I'm sort of specific on what they can and can't say. What I have learned is that every family is different.

  6. We have words like that, too, at our house. The biggest prob we have with our 6 y.o. are words related with any bodily function. *snort* He's sooo boy!

  7. Anna K - boys are something else

    Mrs. Fish - thank you

    Anti-Supermom - I'm with you!

  8. We don't say stupid either...the words poopyhead are used often when my kids are name calling. I say "son of a gun" a lot. I wonder at what age the real words just start coming out?

  9. anytime lil' D says something naughty we ignore it and he forgets about it. we try to not say bad words, but sometimes we slip. when it happens i say a different word that sounds similar or rhymes and that seems to work. his latest phrase is ,"stupid butt." take care.


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