Friday, September 18, 2009


I've been collecting some of my favorite sayings from around our house. Some were one time lines that had me double over in laughter. Others were things so true that they have turned into normal language.

  • "poop slide": as in I asked T2 how he was doing in the bathroom and he replied, "Mommy, I've got the poop slides!" We still use this one.
  • "beans": the twins called change (quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies) beans for years. I always thought it made sense.
  • "The best kind of fun, is nonstop fun" Said while hoping mommy wouldn't make them go home and go to bed.
  • "let's go to the rocks, cars, or bars" T1 said this to T2 one day while we were outside and Dear Hubby  and I both said "What?" Apparently the rocks, cars, or bars on the front steps are very warm and good places to dry off after the pool.
  • "Can I stand in the corner again?" said by T1 who had just been released from his first and last time out in a corner.
  • "Do you have issues? I've got tissues!" from our stand up comic.
  • "selfish hairball" this is what T1 calls T2to make him really mad.
  • "huh" ok- so not so funny, but you must hear it come out of Little Man - the two year olds mouth - when we ask him to do something.
If we would listen to our kids, we'd discover that they are largely self-explanatory. ~Robert Brault


  1. "poop slides" made me crack up. Won't forget that one.

    Visiting from SITS.

  2. Poop slides and selfish hairball are having me ROLLING!!

  3. That's funny! Love it. My daughter used to call anything to drink a boo. Don't know where it came from.

  4. 3 boys and a husband? How do you do it? Right now I just have the husband and a baby on the way! My husband is about enough for me sometimes lol! I love this post. I teach first graders and you NEVER know what will be said in my room! Your blog is very cute...just stopping by to say hi from SITS:)

  5. Kids are too cute when they do stuff like this. Around here we've heard things like bapple jew for apple juice..fick for fix..and where am I going to be when you go and get your lungs (tubes) tied?.

  6. Hilarious! And, yes, the best kind of fun is nonstop fun. ;0)

  7. Oddly enough, beans is one of our words odd b/c I thought it was just one of the things that our twins have - a little quirk but apparnetly it's a twin thing? That's crazy. WE call anything around the house "bean". Ex.) "Landon, what are you playing with?" "Bean!"

  8. Thanks for stopping by to see me. I love the things our kids say! Kids are so funny! I think I'm going to use the "selfish hairball" myself. so funny!

  9. Those are hilariously cute... I cracked up at poop slides!! I can't wait until Ollie learns to talk properly.

    We have a couple of funny words... his bumbleeboo (his bum), poopeedoops (poops), chumblywumblys (his chunky toddler legs!).

  10. Great finding my quote here. I've never seen it used with a more charming set of examples. Brightens my day. Thanks.


  11. Haha! that is hilarious! I'm sure my family had many things like this when I was growing up. A more recent one is that we call VW vans "tour buses" because my mum called one that once.


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