Thursday, September 3, 2009

Very First GIVEAWAY: 2 books - ends 9/7/09

Books are one of my favorite things. I can easily get addicted to a book where nothing else matters and everyone and everything else gets neglected. Books are my escape and my children are learning to love them as well (although Bradley thinks all books are coloring books). So in honor of Multiples and More's End of Summer blog party I am giving away books. Two books to be exact. These are my own books that I've read and are now ready to be passed along.

I loved this book so much I went in search of a second book that continued the story. I didn't find one, but my hope is that one day Chandra will continue the story and continue to inspire us all!

This too is a great book by a wonderful author. She keeps the mystery going and the pages turning as you are transformed into another time.

Both books are about the struggles of women, although very different and hopefully none of us have to endure either struggle. Fabulous books and now you are wondering how you can have one.

First say hello, introduce yourself and that is your first entry. Easy Smeasy.

Additional Entries are available. For each additional entry leave one additional comment, putting them all on one comment will only earn you one entry.
~Follow the Link above and find another awesome blog at the party to comment on - come back here and tell me about it, being sure to leave the link where you commented (1 entry)~
~If you had your choice, tell me which book you would want (if both entrants want the same book, it will be a draw) ~
~ Follow me - and leave a comment that you do ~
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~Tweet about this giveaway (3x per day limit), then leave a comment with the link ~
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That's all folks, be sure to leave your email address if it is not in your profile or if you are posting anonomyous. Contest was going to end on Saturday - but I'm lazy on the weekends, so lets go for ending at 8am EST on Monday September 7th.

"Something like that wasn't supposed to happen on Vliet Street. But like Daddy always said... things can happen when you least expect them. Things that can change your whole life. How right he was." ~Whistling in the Dark, Lesley Kagen

"I didn't say she was wrong, that she couldn't know what would happen. I'd learned that from the quarry." ~On Borrowed Wings, Chandra Prasad


  1. Thanks for stopping by.

    I'm Krystyn and I am always looking for new books! I have two little girls that are twins separated by 2 years:)

  2. I'm Deanna, and I too love to read! I'm sad that I haven't gotten to do too much reading since my girls came along 5 months ago, but they are so worth it!

  3. checking in on another day and i'm always up to read a new book and/or find a new author! count me in

  4. Coming over from Multiples & More...
    LOVE your give-away! These books both sound fantastic!
    I've been making the rounds to all of the give-aways and have been finding lots of great blog. The Foster Family has a beautiful looking blog :)

  5. Great books and anxious to start reading again (I'm a little lazy). Your giveaway is wonderful.

  6. I have a givieaway on my blog and is # 50 (Mr. Linky)

    I think you would like to participate


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