Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm BAAACCKKK with gifts to woo your forgiveness.

So - I ran away - well not really, but darn near everyone around me, including me has gotten sick.  Then I had the joy of of a horrendous toothache and had to go to the dentist.  But here I am, I didn't leave you, I just barely had time to tend to my regular responsibilities, much less post here.  The good thing is, since I've missed a few posts - I have lots to talk about. 
First I want to beg your forgiveness of my absence with awards!

First off, Stef showered me with not one, not two, but THREE fabulous awards all in one!  I am honored and humbled by her. She, herself is an amazing woman, a heart mom and a great advocate for CHD awareness!  Please go check her out at When life hands you a broken Heart... Create Hope . She gave me the Beautiful Blogger Award, Happy 101, and the Sunshine Award.  With these I must pass them on to up to 10 new bloggers I've found and list something that makes me happy and talk about something that brings sunshine to my life.

I want to give the Beautiful Blogger award to these three amazing women and the beautiful blogs they have (and I'm not just saying they look pretty).  Some of you may know them, but I've only recently found them - so go check them out!

Now on to something that makes me happy!  Spring, not that we know what that is this year.  Here in NC we have had more than our share of snow.  But on Saturday - when it was nice for a minute, I noticed my first signs of spring, the crocus are coming up in my yard, and there were yellow and white blooms.  I love it!  So to those who also find happiness and are always willing to share it - the Happy 101 award.

You may wonder how through all the heartache in the world, sunshine is still found.  It comes from the little things and it comes from passing the little things on.  There are moments in my day that bring sunshine in, like when Little Man demands I kiss everyone goodbye - even the dogs - before going to work.  And if he doesn't see it, it doesn't count.  He shares his sunshine with me daily - and so do these women.  They share their life with me and I share mine with them.  I am lucky to have found all of these women in the blogging world.  The Sunshine Award goes to

Now then I'd rather be Changing Diapers (who is a great new find, and a fabulous blogger) also graciously gave me the beautiful blogger award!  I feel really bad now, that I've gotten this award twice, yet I haven't posted in 2 weeks due to pure craziness.  (usually I'm a much better poster).  While I've already passed it on, Heather's rules are a little different, and inclue me listing 7 things about myself.  So here goes.

1. I used to love snow, as a southerner it is a foreign concept and never fails to wow us with it's amazing white flakes.  My yankee of a husband would laugh at me when I would just go stand on the porch and watch.  This year, I'm doing a snow go away dance.  I've finally seen enough - so much that I'm pondering moving further south.
2.  I'll never actually move, it is really just a daydream.  My work is here, family is here and I love the small town we live in. 
3.  I do want to move into a bigger house - with a inground swimming pool, on about 5 acres.  That is my real dream.  I've already sketched it out a few times, and continue to look at how awesome I could make the kitchen.
4.  I love to cook, if I didn't love what I do, I might be a chef or a baker.
5.  As much as I love to cook, I hate cake - all kinds of cake so don't tell me otherwise.  I am a cheesecake fan, our wedding cake was cheesecake!
6. I am now craving cheesecake, but will probably go get a Pepsi instead, I'm a Pepsi not Coco-Cola drinker.
7. I really feel bad for not posting, or even reading blogs the last two weeks.  I have a lot of catching up to do.  I am such a guilty person - I should've been Catholic.

Love to you all, glad you came back for a visit - even though I left for a little bit.  I promise to be better!

Always forgive your enemies - nothing annoys them so much. ~Oscar Wilde


  1. Thanks for the award! :-D I enjoyed learning more about you too :-D

  2. Always nice to find out stuff about your favorite bloggers! I also want the house on the five acres with the pool so if I find it first or win the lottery I'm taking it. Sorry. :)

  3. Thanks for the award! That's ok for your break...just don't do it again! Just kidding. Those breaks are really needed sometimes. And Yay yay yay for cheesecake! Love it. I only used to drink pepsi, but now I think it doesn't like me, so I had to switch to coke.

  4. Congratulations on your awards! Very well deserved!!

    When you find your dream home on that 5 acres with a built-in pool, I'm coming to live with you...minus the kids, of course. K?

    Thanks for the made my day!

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