Monday, April 26, 2010

Mother in Laws are good for making the kids barf

I have been holding out on everyone.  Mostly out of fear that if I let the cat out of the bag it won't be true.  It's been 2 years and three months since dear hubby had a real job.  He was in commerical construction before the bottom dropped, and his company was one of the first to fall.  I was predicting the collapse 8 months before it happened. 

Anyway - he became a stay at home dad, which was a difficult transition. 
Until 2 weeks ago.
Yes, he got a job, back in construction.  Not as great as it was, but a job! 

I feel weird about it.  But that is for another day.

In the meantime, his mother is watching the boys.  His mother who was conviently laid off about 6 weeks ago.  Typically she watches the kids at our house, but at times she takes them to hers.

Last week a terrible stomache virus went around her house.  Dear Hubby's grandmother got it and ended up dehydrated. 

Fast forward to 12:30 Friday night.  Peacefully sleep inturrupted by screams of a child laying in his own puke.  And hour later, the same screams. At that point I was up and cussing my mother in law.  Poor little man was sick every half hour there after until 4:30 am.  I felt so sorry for him.  Especially when he would look at me and say "mouth ehhhh mouth."

I decided my mother in law was to pay.  I haven't decided how much yet, but 4 1/2 hours loss of sleep must count for something.

What is your mother in law good for?


  1. Ugh! Poor guy :-(

    My MIL is good for completely ignoring the things I ask her to do/not to do with my son! Example: my son asked for a cookie after already having 2 so I told him no. Next thing I know I turn around and she is handing him one. And yes. I am POSITIVE she heard me.

  2. My MIL is good for torturing with me "family bonding" trips such as a foray to Colonial Williamsburg to celebrate my birthday. With the entire family. And she stays in the hotel room with us.

  3. I try not to talk about my mother-in-law because she does provide me with free daycare. However, I have noticed that she has a horrible addiction to eating the kids' leftover food at meal time. Even when they are sick. Which means then she gets sick. And I have to hear for the next two weeks how she was soooo sick from ____ and it was all my kid's fault. Plus she overshares the details of her sickness.

  4. Oh, no!

    Mine makes my kids puke all the dang time. Because she overfeeds them. She has said that she can't say no if they ask for a snack. But, my kids will eat nonstop unless you tell them no. I've told her that she needs to think about what they've had and tell them NO if they have really had enough. Or she can come clean up the puke.

  5. OMG, you're gonna laugh!!! I JUST literally minutes ago, posted about an experience I had with barf and my MIL!!!

    Wow, we must be on the same wave-lenght today!!

  6. Yay for him getting back on his feet! That's tough about your son being sick. My MIL lives in Puerto Rico so we hardly ever see her but she's good at giving my husband guilt trips anyway.

  7. My Mother In Law exists only to torture me, I'm certain. She asked my daughter last night, "You want Grandma to cut your hair? I'll do that if you want." without asking me! I'm currently letting her hair grow out and I will LOSE IT if she touches one hair on my daughters head.

  8. Yay for a job! Boo for sorry :(

  9. Sending incredibly ugly crap that I don't--and won't--ever use. She's MASTER of that.


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