Friday, August 28, 2009

I Made a Decision

NO TURTLES: That is my final answer, thank you Regis. And thank you to all that helped me decide (you had no idea how much control my readers have over me did you?)

  • Speaking from the Crib is right I need my sanity, and more pets = less sanity.
  • Jingle gets that tanks in the house are kind of scary.
  • Simply Mel has plenty of pets and doesn't think I need a zoo too!
  • Carrie and Pippa taught me that turtles live forever, which could be a good thing, but then my boys would graduate, move away and I'd still have the darned turtles.
Plus my "Big Brother" and he only says that because he is literally taller than I am, reminded me of the deadly things the twins fed the fish (batteries, etc). So I've decided no turtles and if I keep my mouth shut maybe all my boys will just forget about it and move on to something else.

Helene and Aunt Becky - I love you guys but you've been out voted.


  1. Haha, I would've said "no!" to a turtle too! I say no pets till they are all teens...and even then, probably not :)!

  2. LOL Yeah turtles are a doubled edged sword they are great since they live forever, but that is also the problem with them. Unless of course its an outside turtle. Then you never have to worry about seeing it all the time. LOL

  3. THANK GOD! you came to your senses! seriously, it's just TOO MUCH work for someone who clearly already has enough work to do! GOOD DECISION! you have the


    (rare and quite valuable on the black market)

  4. I would have said "no" too! I'll be glad to be pet free for a few years. Thanks for stopping by =)


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