Monday, August 10, 2009

on your tombstone?

Epitaphs are interesting last pieces of sentiment. When in a cemetery I enjoy reading what is written on different tombstones. My Granny has one of those prepay plans where her whole funeral is already paid for. As my Grandfather passed 10 years ago, their tombstone is already set, but it includes her name, date of birth and epitaph. On one hand it is kind of morbid, everything but the date of her death being there. On the other, no one has to think about what to write when she dies.

I don't want a tombstone, I'm going to be cremated when I die. But if I did have a tombstone, I've got a few epitaphs already picked out. (If you want to read some famous ones - wikipedia has a great list, or leave a comment telling me one of your own)

  • my turn is over

  • loving wife, mother, & housekeeper

  • I said no

  • don't worry, I will haunt you all

  • Night, Night

  • spending eternity in time out

"That's All Folks!" epitaph of Mel Blanc

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  1. I am so glad to say that I will be cremated...while some are funny glad I will be burned. Yeesh! LOL


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