Thursday, August 27, 2009

to get a turtle?? Update

I love all the advice I am getting on whether or not to get turtles for the boys. If you don't know what I'm talking about - read yesterday's post here. If you want to know what the big deal is about reptiles read here.

So anyway - I am still decisionless. I have read some interesting stuff about water turtles and the neat kits you can buy. All has all this cool information to help make a decision.
But really I don't know. From all the comments I've learned that turtles live a really long time - that could be good and bad. (the website didn't tell me that part)
  • Do I really want another pet? Aren't two dogs enough?
  • Do I want a large glass container of water and a 2 year old in the same house?
  • Do I remember what happened the last time there was a large container of water and two 2 year olds in the house?

My loving hubby asked me the last question. I had forgotten all about it. I bet my brother hasn't forgotten. See a few years back, my brother went on a trip overseas and brought us this nice stand up fish tank and all his beautiful fish to care for while he was gone. I was more than willing to take this on. They were just fish, right? Did you know 2 year olds like to feed fish? They like to feed them cool stuff, like bologna, match box cars, and blocks. One day we came home from the grocery store to find the fish tank completely white. You couldn't see through the water to find the fish. Apparently fish like alfredo noodles too.
Now none of these fish died on our watch. Even though I was cleaning the tank almost weekly, but these fish must have loved their new diet and new home. (the fish did die soon after returning to my brother's care - probably shock of a fish food diet).

So I'm still trying to figure this one out. The pet part doesn't bother me, its the two year old and pet part that bothers me.

The best thing about animals is that they don't talk much. ~Thornton Wilder


  1. i will say it again NO MORE PETS for your own sanity

  2. You seem to have omitted the two more interesting (and toxic) foods tried out on the fish, namely, one battery and several pennies. I still am amazed at the power of those fish to adapt to the environment of 2x2 year olds.

    Big Brother

  3. Yeah, it sounds like a hard choice. My boyfriend wants to get another dog for our dog to play with and have a friend around all the time, but I think it will be too much to take care of.

    Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway the other day. I hope you will visit again because you can enter each day!

  4. Oh, dear! That fish story is a bit amusing! I don't love the idea of tanks in my house. I like dogs. We have two. You can really play with them!


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