Monday, August 3, 2009

Question of the Week

What is the biggest lesson that you have learned in your multiples' first year of life?

Just one lesson - I'm not even sure that is possible. Patience was a huge lesson, I thought I didn't have any before having the twins. Sleep was also a big lesson, such as how much you can survive without before collapsing. But really the biggest lesson was probably instinct.

There is no manual on being a parent or having kids. While you are pregnant, especially with more than one your first time out, fears overcome you. How will I know what they need? How to care for them? Will I be able to tell them apart? How will I feed them both at the same time?
But once they are here in your arms, instinct just kicks in. Yes there are moments when you have no clue what to do, but a lot more times that you think, you will know what needs to be done. The best part of having children is that you grow with them. When they are born, you only have to worry about their VERY basic needs. You don't have to teach them anything the first few weeks, allow them to teach you. And then as they grow, you will grow and the rest is... well not in the bag, but not what I feared at all.


  1. Hi there - dropping in from SITS and you were the comment above mine! (Well not really, the commenter above mine has her blog set to private (?? why ??) so I came to you - and funny - I'm in NC too and I'm in the "transportation" industry as well. Don't have multiples though - but I can relate to your story - when I brought my girl home 19 years ago one of my very vivid memories is asking her, "Now that I've got you here, what am I supposed to do now?" I was so scared! She and I learned pretty quickly, but boy those first few days -

    Happy Monday - come by for a visit if you get a chance -

  2. Hi, I'm here from the MoMs blog network. You definitely captured the same feelings we had when we brought our girls home!

  3. So true! I am a mom to twin boys that are 2. I always love to find MoM's with twin boys that are older than mine so that I can get some tips ;) Hi from SITS although I visit Multiples and More also.


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