Tuesday, July 28, 2009

10 Things Tuesday - July 28

Seeing how our AC went out on the hottest weekend of the year, right now I am so very thankful for modern conveniences!
  1. Air Conditioning - especially now that it works
  2. Dishwasher - for years I didn't have one, growing up I washed dishes, until the twins were 4 I washed A LOT of dishes and bottles, but now it is so nice just to load and unload!
  3. Washing machine - if I had to wash all those clothes by hand, I wouldn't have time for an away from home job.
  4. Heat - in the winter time it is very nice (just not when its 99 outside)
  5. Cell phones - you know many times I say I could live without mine, but really it is a nice comfort knowing that if I break down I can call my hubby.
  6. Cars - I know we should all be greener, but really they are much better than a horse and buggy!
  7. Electricity - really I want to know how every house back in the day didn't burn down after a little one ran through it knocking things over when he should've been in bed.
  8. Running water - inside toilets - need I say more?
  9. Sippy cups - really the no spill feature is amazing when your 2 year old throws it across the room!
  10. Computers - probably the end to all of us - but man they are nice :)

What one modern convenience are you most grateful for?

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  1. Hi there... stopping by from Multiples and More. Thank goodness your AC is up and running again. I can't imagine! The one convenience you didn't mention that I'm grateful for: power windows and power locks (and the button to "lock" them).


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