Monday, July 20, 2009

Mommy gets it in the face

We love a good water fight at our house. Yes, someone always ends up whinning about getting wet, but the rest of us continue on with the fun. For their 7th birthday I splurged and bought the twins super soakers - these neat Transformer ones that shoot four different styles and were on sale for $14.00 each.

On Sunday we were all playing in the pool and enjoying the summer sun. While Dear Hubby went inside to put little man down, and T1 went...somewhere, T2 got a water gun. I was in the pool and relaxing, but game for the fun. He jumped out of the pool and was racing around it shooting in, while I was in shooting out. We ran out of water at about the same time, so he went to get the hose and I leaned over the side and tried to explain how to fill them without using so much water pressure. After a few minutes of not getting anywhere, I had him bring me the guns and I would fill them. He brought the guns and went back to for the hose, I was leaning over picking up a gun and stood up to reach for the hose that he brought, as I stood, I got a face FULL of water!!!
My son was a foot from me soaking me with the ice cold hose water! Dear Hubby walked outside just in time to enjoy the spectacle of T2 getting the best of Mommy.

Some people are making such thorough plans for rainy days that they aren't
enjoying today's sunshine. ~ William Feather

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