Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tyler's Day

The twins and I were on our way home from Sam's yesterday when a fight broke out.
What's new.
T2 had gotten a cherry icee and was sharing with T1, only they HAD to argue over who had the longest sip, or whether they even got a sip. Finally Mommy asked for a drink and kept the cup. Then they fought over who made Mommy keep the cup.
So me being ingenious, asked "Who can be quietest the longest?" Which worked!
Then it transformed into "Who can be the quietest while making funny faces?" Which was still working until we all got bored with it so I asked "Who can..."
T1 said, "Who can count the most road signs?" Which is a game we've played before.
T2 replied, "Noo."
So I asked again, while thinking of something new and creative, "Who can..."
T2 interrupted to say, "Who can scream the loudest?" This was immediately followed by the loudest ear piercing yell there ever was. Only not to be outdone, T1 and I proceeded to scream as loud as possible. And then, as all twins can, they both screamed simultaneously as loud as they possibly could. At this moment I was grateful for two things: One, my dear hubby wasn't in the car, he would have not approved, and two, that we were on a country road with no cars nearby - people surely would've thought we were being carjacked.

T2 - he comes up with the darnedest things. Earlier in the day I had spotted him outside walking the dog. While the dog was pooping, he was peeing. And then because the dog was done before he was, he had trouble buttoning his pants as the dog pulled him in a different direction. I couldn't resist, so I yelled to him out the back door, startling him, which caused him to step (barefooted) into the dog poop. I was about to fall over in laughter. He comes running up to me and tries to wipe his poopy foot on my leg. EWWW -BOYS!

boy: n. noise with dirt on it ~unknown


  1. aaaa very nice gross but funny

  2. I love that you participated in the scream-fest in the car...that is too funny!

  3. There's often screaming in our car too - but it's not part of a contest!

  4. Love the definition of boy!!!

    Thanks for sharing my special SITS day!

  5. you could write a book - that's hysterical! here from sits

  6. LOL!! Where do you find these quotes? I love it!

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  8. just the idea of the scream fest made my head hurt.

    but then the laughter at the dog poop thing made it go away.

    heh heh poop...


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