Saturday, January 16, 2010

For me?!?! Why Thank you , Thank you, Thank you.

So if you get the same award from 3 different people does that make you extra special, or the award just amazing?

Happy 101 was given to me by the gracious Emma at Toddler Awesome -  by the amazing Shandal at My Life in 3D, and by the dedicated Working Mommy at Lessons Learned

Of course they gave me an award that comes with rules - so I guess since I was a little cranky earlier in the week - I should really follow these rules. First I have to list 10 things that make me happy.  Just me?  Ok just me.

10.  Summer - or warmth, it doesn't actually have to be summer - above 70 degrees makes me happy.
9. Watching flowers grow and bloom.
8. Sleeping in
7. Godiva Chocolate
6. Watching someone learn something new
5. Singing out loud in the car by myself
4. reading a good book
3. not having a to do list
2. Spending one on one time with my hubby
1. Hearing the sound of laughter from my boys cascading though my house.

And now for the 10 people who I am passing this on to (because I'm following the rules today)!  There are some newbies I've found lately - I wanted to share with - so be sure to check them out.


  1. well, well, well. i shall be putting much thought to this top ten tell-all, and have something up (hopefully) soon.

    thanks for the reference. can't wait to check out some of the others you've recently discovered. have a great weekend.

  2. Aaaah having no to do list, I feel like I don't know what that is about! I also love singing in the car when I am by myself! Great list!

    Thanks for passing the happiness my way!

  3. Thanks for giving me an award! I'll be posting it up in the days to come with much thanks to you!
    I'm so with you on #10! Warmth please! Actually..I like the whole list..but I would have to replace the Godiva chocolate with these real belgium chocolates that my husbands old boss brought back for us from his trip back home. Mmm. I wasn't a chocolate lover until I had me some of those!

  4. Thank you so much for the award. I appreciate your thinking of me.

  5. Congrats! We share many of the same likes - warm weather, laughing children, reading, etc.

    Have a great week!

  6. SITS sent me over.
    Getting awards is wonderful. Makes your day. Congrats


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