Monday, January 18, 2010

So Mommy is a Girl

In case you haven't noticed all the blue and brown around here, I -the Mommy - live in a house full of boys.

People say boys are more rambunctious than girls. They say they get dirtier.  I don't really know, because I have no comparison other than myself, and well I don't really remember that far back.

Most of the time, the twins don't even remember that Mommy is a girl, unless I do something outrageous like put on makeup.  Then they look at my face and say "Mommy, you put that stuff on!"  It's the kind of normal in my house, that Mommy is expected to get out and play sports and get dirty, just like the boys.  We all have water fights, and nerf gun wars.  It was all well and good until Santa brought the dirt bike

Don't get me wrong, the boys love riding it (now that it is no longer as cold as the Arctic).  They and Dear Hubby have created grand plans for everyone in the family to have one, and to go ride trails together.  Everyone that is, except Mommy.  Mommy is supposed to ride a 4 wheeler.  Not Dear Hubby's rule, the twins rule.

Reasons Mommy needs a 4 wheeler.  A: Mommy is a girl B: Mommy could get hurt.

Well how 'bout them apples?

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  I am not allowed to have a dirt bike?  Me?  The-non- primpy- hates to wear a dress- played rugby- Mommy?  Shock wasn't even the word.  I was a little more upset.  What have I taught my children that they think I shouldn't have a dirt bike? 

After some conversation T1 did finally come around and agree that I could ride, and he would even teach me.  T2, against it.  He was really afraid of Mommy getting hurt.  This from the child without fear of his own life flashing before his eyes.

Saturday, we decided to go for it no matter what the twins said.  T1 reluctantly taught me to ride, and T2, decided it was ok, "since I didn't get hurt."

Any "girls" in your house?


  1. Ah, your boys are just being protective of their Mommy! I think it's very sweet!

  2. I've always wanted an actual street it a harley or a crotch rocket...but it's my hubby that says no way to that one. Ok, so I am sane and have a fear of it..but I'd still love it! If you do get needs to not be so short! Lol

  3. Generally in my home mommy is a pretty tough lady also but if I don't want to do something, that's my fallback. For instance mommy didn't want to go fishing so she stayed home cause she's a girl. :) It'll probably backfire on me one day.

  4. That is SO sweet that they are so concerned about you!! My daughter is always quick to point out that there are 3 girls in this house....the cat is female and apparently she counts. We're still outnumbered by males, though!

  5. girls and boys are totally different! But that's awesome that your boys want to treat you like the queen that you are. :-)

    Stopping by from SITS!

  6. LOOK AT YOU GO! See my girl is just like me...prissy ass, get her hair done, wearing pink, playing in the mud, foul mouth tom boy. How sweet of the boys to think you should have a quad! LOL

  7. You played rugby! That is awesome!

    Great picture!!!

    -Alisa Hope

  8. I'm very impressed...I'm such a wimp! lol When I need something done that takes strength, my 2 year old daughter always says, "it's OK, Mommy...Daddy be here soon. He do it. He's strong!" lol Oh well.



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