Saturday, January 2, 2010

Starting 2010 off right!

Back in July I posted about starting the potty training on Little Man,  I never did an update.  Why? Because he is a stubborn little tyke and wasn't really ready.  My next goal was at Thanksgiving, but after the toilet debacle - there was no physical way of making it happen.  So yesterday morning I woke up ready to tackle the task again.

First, this kid is as stubborn as it comes, and well, diapers are much easier for him.  We've had him in pull ups for awhile and he has learned to take them off and understands the concept of going potty.  In theory.

The twins are a great help - they tell him everytime they have to go, so that he has a shinning example of what to do.

*** Post interrupted to run peeing child to the potty ****

Yesterday he managed to pee in the bathroom.  I actually gave him a reward, because well, he tried.  He just happened to be sitting on the edge of the toilet and all the pee went on the step stool. 

Today he has learned to sit backwards on the toilet.  (he doesn't like his potty at all)  That's pretty much all he's learned today.

But this is my goal - no diapers in 2010!!!  I think we can do it.  With patience, persistance, and a lot of prayers.


  1. Happy SITS share fest! Good luck on the diapers! lol

  2. I told Garrett this morning that one of the things we need to work on this week is to get him back on track with potty training and he was like, "yeah whatever". He was doing so well and then we got lazy and now he's happy to go back to diapers again. I have myself to blame for that.

    Maybe we can encourage one another along during this exciting adventure...LOL

  3. I don't look forward to starting this process.
    Happy New Year! Stopping by from SITS!

  4. this cracks me up as I feel your pain..I mean opportunity. We are potty training too.

  5. Gosh this sounds so much like the frustrations I was experiencing when I was potty-training my tot :)

    Dropping by from SITS.

  6. YAY, I have to pick your brain for twin potty training. The boy...was easy breezy but I think the dynamic duo will be the end of me. Congrats mama...sounds like he is on his way already!

  7. I am sooooooooooooooo right there with you. I'm having more success with Aidan, than Owen. At least 1/2 way meeting my goal of no diapers in 2010. :-)


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