Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baby Einstein doesn't make my child smart???

I've been away for a few days - had to take a break from blogosphere.  I have some other posts I've been working on and lots of blogs to read, but I'm still on break.

Except I read this article today and about fell out of my chair.   Apparently Disney is offering a refund on Baby Einstein DVD's after they recieve a letter threatening lawsuit from some public health lawyers.  (want the details- read the article)

The point is - the lawyers believe there was false advertisement and that parents believe these DVD's were making their children smart, when in fact we were just plopping them down in front of another TV show.  Before you all start shouting, I understand they were learning stuff, specifically the stuff you wanted them to learn.  Of course other shows teach them too, my 2 yr old has learned to ask "Where'd he go?"  everytime Nemo disappears.

We all know hours of television/movies/video games is bad.  We all know it makes for shorter attention spans, couch potatoes, etc.   So we  limit the amount of television they watch and force encourage them to go outside.

At least I thought we all knew this, and did this.  But apparently not.


  1. Hmm, another frivolous lawsuit..surprise, surprise.

  2. That's ABSURD. I cannot believe that people believed that Baby Einstein would make their kids smart. Wow.

  3. No wonder my kids are idiots! I never talked to them - just let them watch Baby Einstein the entire first 2 years of their lives. (jk)

  4. Give me a break! I, as a teacher think that is crazy!

  5. Y'know I never believed that they would make my oldest son smarter by watching them. I just wanted something that he would enjoy for a short period of time so I could throw together dinner or pee occasionally.

  6. Well said Anna K! I am right there with you. So glad I am not the only one who thinks this is crazy.


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