Thursday, October 15, 2009

where did you come from

and why in the world are you reading about me?  Apparently you can search for anything and find anything on the web.  The reason I love those new search engine commericals is because I get it, I got what the commericial was for the very first time I saw one.  Of course, I don't believe anyone has found the solution to search overload yet.  I mean really these people searched for a whole list of stuff, and all they got was me.
  • 3 boys 1 cup -buy more cups, I mean really, they don't need one more thing to fight over
  • three boys 1 cup -like I said before, buy 2 darn cups from goodwill if you have to
  • rat tail -we have lizard tails here, but no rats - yet
  • i have 3 boys and pregnant -bless you woman
  • true stories of alligator in toilet -yes we did have an alligator in our toilet
  • going to have 3 boys soon -well for starters you need earplugs
  • can I have a tantrum on the floor -I want to every day, so you go right ahead
  • how to cope with twins after 3 kids -I have someone I want you to meet, Twinsanity

Some people like my advice so much that they frame it up on the wall instead of using it. ~Gordon R. Dickson


  1. I never get interesting searches. My best one was 'Stir Fry Lesbian'. And that is the only interesting one I've had.

  2. ROFL! How do you find this stuff out?


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