Tuesday, October 13, 2009

if you see my son

If you glimpse my youngest child this week - don't kill the barber.

While every other two year old may sit quiet and still for their hair cut, our son decided to lean into Mommy's shirt with his mouth open and taste the fine blonde strands that were decorating it. This is the same shirt that Mommy cut the twins hair in so the decorations were a plenty.

Apparently the decorations don't taste good.

Apparently that meant the hair cut was over. Even if the barber wasn't finished. Or maybe the barber was trying to bring back the rat tail.

The twins look great though - all spiffed up for picture day.

How can I control my life when I can't control my hair? ~Author Unknown


  1. it used to take 6 people to get my son's hair cut - 4 of us to hold him down and one person to try and hold his head and one person to cut it - can you say those were not some of my better days as a parent!

  2. yeah, well at least you have hats. My 6 yr old decided to cut his own bangs yesterday........ *sigh* it looks, well, it looks...... =)

  3. Poor thing. Kids and haircuts, man, they make me tired.

  4. I was terrified of this when I cut my sons hair a little while back. It came out great, thankfully, but I have no doubt I'll be writing a post just like this sometime in the future! It'll grow, or you'll get time to fix it!


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