Monday, October 19, 2009

scared of little ol' me???


Scary Mommy is holding an awesome contest this week.  She wants to know what makes us scary, and the scariest Mom will win a prize!  She defines scary a little differently than most would think:

As Mom's we each have our own definition of scary.  Our kids probably have hundreds examples of how we are scary.  My hubby may say my hair in the morning is pretty scary.  But as I thought about how I was scary, I didn't think I could answer this question.  I didn't think the general idea applied to me - even though I never wear lipstick, love my kids more than life, are willing to go to jail for them, can be gross with the best of them, and admit exhaustion on more than one occasion.  But that's a Mom, that's what we do.  We do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Then I had a realization.  It's not what we think of ourselves, but how other's perceive us.

I am not afraid to scream politely tell children, even those who are not my own, to stop jumping off the top of the picnic table, stop taking the legs out from underneath the little kids on the slip and slide and to stop throwing rocks at cars.  This prompted a Dad nearby to ask "Have you ever been a drill instructor?"  He probably thought I was scary -

And then there was the occasion at my son's birthday/pool party when I had all the dripping wet children line up on the kitchen floor to sing happy birthday instead of on the carpet.  Perfectly sane line of reasoning I thought, until my own son decided he was above everyone else and could stand on the carpet.  I did not get overwhelmed and freak out, instead I politely told him to get off the carpet... as my father in law snapped a picture.

My husband, brother, and father-in-law all believe this is the proof that I am the Scariest Mommy.  Do you???


  1. Sometimes Scary Mommy equals Mommy Willing to Take the Heat.

    Hats off to you!!!


  2. I am not a scary mommy. But I wish I could be sometimes. Do you want to take a road trip to open a can of whup-a** on my kids?

  3. Scary mommys rock, it means you care!

    You rock!


  4. Hey, sounds reasonable to me? I recently had all the kids at my nephew's party terrified because I was "warning" them to not be wild around the 18month old. I just think there are times that someone has to stand up.

  5. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I don't believe in Scary Mommies. I believe the "scary mommies" are actually the ones who truly love their children so much that they set rules, boundaries and limitations, along with lots of love and affection. May God bless "scary mommies" everywhere!

  6. At least scary mommy looks in control!

  7. From 1 Scary Mommy to another, YOU ROCK! Love, love it. I am not the only one!

  8. Oh my! that picture could definitely win it all. How funny!

  9. I think I have you beat on the scariest MOmmy. That is a pretty mean looking picture though. LOL jk

  10. Haha! Oh my gosh... that is hilarious! If there was a contest that best catpures motherhood - this is it! :)

  11. That pictures cracks me up!!!

    And, I am totally that parent who yells at other people's children. Even if my own children aren't afraid of me, other people's are. That counts for something!

  12. What a great post! Thankfully, there is not photographic proof of one of my scary mommy moments - although, my kids could probably recount some of them easily.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog...come back anytime! I look forward to looking around your blog...

  13. I think I have this same picture of me somwhere in the rubble that comes with having THREE BOYS!!


  14. I feel you pain in the rubble of having THREE BOYS!! Best Wishes!

  15. Pearl - yeah I'm the one who always ends up taking the heat
    Kys- lets plan the trip
    A- thank you a thousand times over - now go write your own blog!
    Jennifer and the Wife- I'm with you!
    Loukia, DixieMom, Holly and Lisa Anne - Thanks
    Scary Mommy - than means a lot coming from you - and I'm glad I'm not the only one!


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