Monday, October 12, 2009

Lunch for Free

Did you know children may now buy their lunch for free? Yes siree - if your child has an id card, they can walk right up to the line and buy lunch and deduct it from your card. No money - no problem - the children cannot starve and must therefore get free lunch and hey the school will bill ya.

How do we know - well it goes like this. We got two bills last year from the school, one for each kid, for totals under $5.00 each. See on the odd occasion we let them buy lunch, we send the money for lunch. But the a la carte items are extra and instead of TELLING THE CHILDREN THEY CAN'T HAVE WHAT THEY DON'T HAVE MONEY FOR they let them buy whatever the heck they want. Did I mention the twins were in the first grade last year and obviously didn't know there were A LA CARTE options.

Apparently somewhere along the way Tyler figured this out and with his $2.00 in cash, he used $1.00 to buy ONE FRICKIN PENCIL from the school store that he thought was cool and use the other dollar for his lunch, and yeah they let him. No problemo.

This year they haven't been able to buy lunch yet. It is now $2.15, which I'm sure really amounts to $4 or $5. And I can make lunch for less than that each day - plus I KNOW what is in their lunch. I don't know if they will ever buy lunch again - I thought...

See, Nathaniel - dear Nathaniel -left his lunch box on the bus on Thursday MORNING and therefore got a complete ( I guess) lunch for FREE! Yes we are teaching our children the power of credit cards without having to ever pay them. FABULOUS morals we have going on here.

Disclaimer: not that I am against the don't let the child starve policy


  1. I understand not letting a kid starve, but what if a kid purposely leaves his lunchbox behind because he doesn't like what's in it. It's just too easy.

    You're right about the credit thing. That is very scary to start teaching kids so young.

  2. lol....mason did the same thing!! i sent his lunch with him to school, but he wanted what they were having for hot lunch that day so I ended up footin' the bill! the little turd!! but here they only let the kids rack up a $10 bill and then the kids get a milk and fruit snack...

  3. I HATE that they do this!!!
    Lili came home with a note saying we owed close to $20 in lunch money- well I pack her lunch every day!
    She was getting ice cream, smoothies, etc whenever she wanted.

  4. Wait how is it free if they sent you a bill. LOl Here in Cali they just let your kids starve. Nothing is free in this freakin expensive State!

  5. it's the same way here - but you can go online and put a limit on what they spend daily - i think it is ridiculous that they get a la carte items and that my son can eat cookies and icecream every day instead of the main meal if he so chooses - and i'm sure he does!

  6. My son scopes out the little monthly menu that they send home to see if there are any days that he wants to eat what they're serving...of course, he doesn't let me know this until after I've made his lunch for the day!

  7. Oh seriously this makes me so mad! Kids purposely leaving lunch behind. Ooooh makes me mad. I send lunch with Grant everyday, no matter what. So far, so good. But, its only kindergarten....sigh.

    I left you an award....just give me a min to post. :D


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