Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Questions you say?

Laugh until you Cry tagged me in a little Christmas Meme which is from the Top Christmas Blog.  So if you want to know all about Christmas at my house, read on my friends, read on.

1. Have you started your christmas shopping yet?
Well I bought a little bit, and won a couple of things.  So started yes, but anywhere near finished? NO!  Which is really bad for me.  I usually start mapping out a plan and shopping in October, but this year, well October just slipped right on by - and for that matter so did November.

2. Tell me about one of your special traditions.

If you read my post a couple of weeks ago - you know I am in need of some traditions. I've adopted one Helen gave me that the boys will open one present Christmas Eve (that I've always let them do) and it will be new PJ's.  I like the idea that I can at least make sure they have matching pjs on for all the pictures that are taken Christmas morning.  The only one we have is our annual trip to Mcadenville the city of Christmas lights.  The boys love it - we went last Sunday and even little man kept saying "lights, lights, lights"

3.When do you put up your tree?
The weekend after Thanksgiving.  I prefer one holiday at a time, but as much Christmas as I am able to squeeze in.

4. Are you a black friday shopper?
I wasn't.  Last year was the first time I ventured out and that was because a friend dragged my butt out of bed.  This year, dear hubby had to work, so I didn't make it.  But I feel like I missed some really good deals and a great time.

5. Do you travel at Christmas or stay home?
We don't travel far away - but we do go to the in-laws just down the road for brunch and dinner. 

6. What is one of your funniest Christmas memories?
My favorite -he he he- is from when my brother and I were little.  He really wanted a jambox for Christmas and our very cool aunt got him one with a cassette player and all - it was so great - and I was very jealous.  Until he opened the box and saw it was pink.  That gift went to me - with the promise that he would have another one, wonder if he ever got one???

7. What is your favorite Christmas movie?
There are so many great ones.  I am a big fan of Polar Express - have loved the book since I was a  little girl.  I also have to watch the Grinch every year and Charlie Brown.

8. Do you do your own Christmas baking? What is your favorite treat?
Yes I do my own baking!  I love to cook, good ol' southern food and desserts.  Last year the twins and I made batches and batches of cookies and peppermint brittle for them to package up and give to people as gifts.  My favorite thing to make is fudge, or cheesecake.  I make a mean cheesecake.

9. Fake or Real tree?
I like a real one - sprayed with anti-burn stuff.  But we bought a fake one the first year we were together and it has been that way ever since.  I just can't see spending the money on a real one when I have a fake one (make that 2, someone gave us their old one) right here.

10.  What day does the actual panic set in to get it all done?
Panic - I've never felt any panic before.  Usually I have it all done in a timely fashion and try to enjoy every bit of it.  This year though - there might be a little panic if I don't get some shopping done soon.

11. Are you still wrapping presents on Christmas Eve?
Nope - I had that experience once in college when I came home and my step-mother hadn't wrapped anything yet.  And I may be caught wrapping gifts for my mother in law who saves them all for me to do, but all of my stuff is wrapped.  I enjoy wrapping and will take my time in the evenings doing it all.

12. What is your favorite family fun time at Christmas?
I'm probably the most excited person Christmas morning, I've always been the first one up and have even woken up my children out of sheer anticipation.  I love to see their faces when they get up and can be found with my cup of coffee in hand sitting near the tree waiting on them.  That is my favorite part - the joy and wonder of their faces first thing in the morning.

13. What Christmas craft do you like best?
I made really neat stockings one year.  But my favorite is making the Gingerbread house, I try to get better each year.

14. Christmas music?
Dear hubby isn't a big fan - although he enjoys the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  I am not picky and love Christmas muic.  The Christmas station has been on in my car since the first day of December.

15. When do you plan to finish all your shopping?
Hopefully before the 20th. I do not want to be caught out the week of Christmas. One year I fogot the gift for my brother and had to go out  Christmas Eve, it was pouring a cold rain and the mall was packed.  It was the most miserable shopping ever. 

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  1. I'm with you on the wrapping - I really enjoy it too!

  2. I love the Trans Siberian Orchestra. I was seriously bummed I couldn't see them this year. How on Earth do you get all the wrapping done with three nosy sets of eyes? I am always up late on Christmas Eve doing mine.

  3. I hope I'm able to get it all done before the 20th, too! Oy.

    Getting everyone up Christmas morning is sooo much fun! I thought that I might grow out of doing that (perish the thought!!) but it's even more fun now that I have kids.

  4. Ok, it's official...I officially fell in love with you during this post..I mean..I've always loved you before..but now I LOVE you! Can I move in with you? If you make a mean cheesecake then I need to live with you. And thanks for tagging me..I'll have something to post about tomorrow!

  5. Thanks for the tag!! I love the memory you shared from when you were a child and your brother got a pink boombox!!! That's hysterical!

  6. Done with the Christmas shopping. The Christmas baking never stops! Listen, I also wanted to thank you soooooooo much for stop­ping by on my Spe­cial SITS Day. It’s taken me a while to get back, but I hope to see you around the blo­gos­phere again soon!

  7. Oooh I think I tagged Helene too! :-)

    Here from SITS.

  8. I know I've been tagged, I've been a blog slacker lately. You should know that I'm horrible at playing games though ;)

    I big puffy heart wrapping presents too. Maybe because we never have that any or because it feels like the final step, but it just fun.

  9. My hubs is with you on the tree...but my fake one won out this year! YAY for me!



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