Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Run while Mommy counts to 10, very slowly

Ever had that moment where you are not quite sure what you are going to do to your child, but know that they are lucky they are not within arm's length.

My adorable, sweet, precious child decided he should push Mommy to that limit while at a Boxing day party on Saturday.  The kids had decided to run and play on the stairs during this not so casual party. 

By play,  I mean slide down all of them on their butt.  By run I mean chase each other around the balcony area while squealing.

I walked halfway up the stairs and told my boys (who happened to be showing off for older kids) to calm down.  My stepmother was downstairs having a fit at all the noise from the children.   I hissed "quit running and sliding, when you do that it echoes through the house"

T1's response: "when you yell at me it echoes"

1...2...3.... breathe....4......5....6...7...8.9.10


  1. Yeah...I would have LOST it!! LOL! Hopefully your blog will remain 3 boys + 1 hubby and not be changed to 1 hubby...LOL!


  2. That is definately one of those "just breathe" responses, so sorry!

  3. Boys just know the buttons to push and when to push them. There are times when I am glad they are not in reach--breathe slowly and count is right.

  4. OMG, that's like a day in my life right there. My twins are on a "No it's not/No I wont" kick. Example: "B, lay down and quit jumping in your bed or your going to bust your mouth" "No I wont". (two minutes later....we all know what happened....) I have no clue how you made it to them being 7, i think i'll be in the funny farm by the time mine are that age.

  5. Breathe and then under your breath...just wait until your father gets ahold of you! That one used to always get me...now...my kids smiles at me as if a dare.

  6. Bah haha, one of those precious moments that us Mommy's hold dear to our hearts. ;)

  7. UGHHHHH i feel your pain sister!!! my kids are lucky they were surrounded by family on christmas or the only gift they would have gotten would have been a bar of soap in the mouth!


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