Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa did it!

Mother Nature didn't agree with Santa this year, which made for a very interesting Christmas morning.  While the rest of the country was getting snow - we got a very cold rain.  That's right, we live too far north for warmth, but too far south for snow.  So we got rained on, all day, Christmas day.

Luckily that was about the worst of it.

Except Santa brought his big gift, which involved the twins going on a treasure hunt to find it, which involved going outside, in the rain.

They didn't care.  And in the end they rode their new present for about 5 minutes in the rain.  Yesterday I was able to watch them actally enjoy it for a few minutes before I crashed on the couch again.  What is it about Christmas that wears us out?  After all the prep - we are pooped afterwards.

So today I'm back at work and the kids and hubby are lounging around, or else doing this.


  1. Weeeeeeeee! That looks like fun! Looks like your kiddos had a great Christmas!

  2. See...the treasure hunt was a HIT! Glad the kids had fun!


  3. Wow!! How cool are those!!! I instantly did a double-take to your sidebar to see how old your twins are so I can take note of when my boys may be asking for this same gift!!!

  4. Helene- we actually only got one bike - they can share. It is much easier to monitor the safety with one bike than it is with two!

  5. Oooh fun!! I've been wondering what Santa was going to bring...I was guessing a 4-wheeler. Close but not quite. Glad you had a Merry Christmas!


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