Thursday, December 17, 2009

In all my 30 years of Christmas...

Thirty years of Christmas presents is a lot of gifts, if you include my birthday and any other random gift I've gotten, well that is a WHOLE LOTTA GIFTS!
And Mama Kat wants me to describe a funny or favorite gift that you’ve gotten or have given.

So I was thinking - I talked about the pink jambox the other day in my questions post.

Did I tell you about the year (yes it was the 80's) that I got the black and white polka dot hammer pants I was dying for?  That was the one and only time my mother actually got me exactly what I wanted clothes wise.  And I was thrilled - they went great with my pink sweater.  I even have a picture of me modeling them that Christmas morning.

There was also the year that I got a bicycle!  I had to follow clues and hunt for it.  I was so excited - even if it was green. 

But my favorite, I think it is coming this year!  I am so excited about the gift for the boys.  It is a super duper suprise and it won't fit under the tree.  Hopefully it will all pan out according to plan, and if it does - the look on their faces will be great!!!  I can make them go on a treasure hunt around the house like I did, or maybe I'll just leave directions to go look on the back porch.

What should I do?

Christmas is sights, especially the sights of Christmas reflected in the eyes of a child.--William Saroyan


  1. Ohh a treasure hunt sounds like fun! BTW, If you have a picture with you in the hammer pants, you should SO post it! LOL

  2. Hmmm, I think being Christmas and the level of excitement, I'd just give them directions to the back porch. But the treasure hunt sounds fun, too! Fun times!
    I was really hoping for a picture of the pants!
    Visiting from SITS

  3. I would so pay to see a picture of those hot pants woman!! How fun and I can't wait to hear what you got the boys you brilliant devil!

  4. I guess it depends on how big a gift it is and whether it can be hid well in the house. Can't wait to find out how they like it!

  5. What a great way to have them find something! A treasure hunt sounds great!

  6. The treasure hunt seems like the best idea! I always loved doing those! I even make my hubs do those sometimes for a really great gift - a little work never hurt anyone!


  7. My kids do this every year, it wouldn't be Christmas without it! What I do is to create a trail of post-it notes that they have to follow through the house to get to their present. I take great delight in sending them upstairs, downstairs, and at least once out into the snow. Both boys do it at once, so it's delightful to see them both dashing around frantically until they find their present.

  8. Treasure hunts are always fun, definitely do the treasure hunt with your boys.

    Visiting from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.

  9. We did a treasure hunt one year with our kids and they loved it! Go for it.

  10. Wow! I totally need to see a picture of you in those hammer pants! Hehe! Lucky for me, my mom never gave in on that one!

  11. Oh, I say milk it for all it's worth!

    My favorite gifts are the ones that my parents gave me that weren't on my list...a Motown tape, canvases and paint, books, etc.

    Some of those things have since become treasures for me as have the memories of recieving them!

  12. Polka dot Hammer pants? Please tell me you still have them! What a priceless relic from a very dark period in fashion!

  13. I cannot believe you did not add the hammer pants picture to this post. How could you neglect us in such a way!?! Thank God we were poor and could not afford the trends. Hahaha...ohhh the hammer pants.


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