Monday, December 21, 2009

Mom VS Santa

Last week I gave a hint that my favorite gift may be coming from Santa this year. 

It's official.  Santa wrote me a nice long note and told me what super duper big gift he was giving my boys.  Without Santa, my boys wouldn't have recieved such a gift because lets face it - it's way out of our price range.  And for those guessing a Wii (Desert Rose), it's not one of those, this actually costs more. 

I say it's for my boys, but really it is for the twins.  Although Dear Hubby will get just as much joy out of it.  Little Man will be very jealous, until he is older and can steal it from them.

I listened to all the comments on my favorite gift post and I asked Santa to make a treasure hunt to it.  I think it will be so much fun!  He is going to do 10 clues, and they will each be able to take turns figuring out where to go next. 

He has also promised that he will leave them a note with the first clue that says they have to follow Mommy and Daddy's rules on their new gift.  See Mommy likes rules, especially when it comes to toys for boys.

It all sounds so wonderful doesn't it?  It is great, and I am very excited for them.  This is my only problem.  Santa is bringing the big gift, but in order to use the big gift, you need a smaller gift.  This is a part of Mommy's rules.  So, while all my shopping was done last week, today I got to go out in the lovely traffic and go shopping again.  On my lunch break.  To multiple stores.  To find one of these. 

And by the way Santa, this thing cost $100.00 but they aren't getting your gift without it!

Now, the question is when to give them this - before or after the treasure hunt - or should I pretend it is from Santa?


  1. After the treasure hunt, you don't want to give any hints away on the gift.

  2. A helmet, huh? And you say it's not a Wii? Hmmmm, I wonder what it could be.


    Hope you have a great week! (visiting from SITS)

    - Margaret

  3. I'd set it on the bike! Cool present Momma!

  4. Not a Wii? Hmm.

    I say give it to them after the treasure hunt :)

  5. YAY for a bike!! How fun! They'll enjoy it so much!


  6. Great Blog. You are doing so much better than we are, haven't even started to wrap yet.


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