Sunday, December 27, 2009

the day after, the day after

It's the day after, the day after Christmas and at my house, this is the day we all crash.  After a week of events and family we all look forward to a day of peace.  Or at least Mommy does.

On the one hand I'm ready for all the chaos to be over, on the other, I already miss all the preparations that were made.  Getting ready for the big day is almost as much fun as the big day itself.

And now here we are -the house needs cleaning, the kids need calming and Mommy isn't even ready to write about the big day yet.  We had a blast and the twins loved their big present from the big man, but that is a post for another day.  Today is a day of rest.

Hope you are all enjoying your day of rest - or shopping (if you're nuts) - or maybe you're family is still around.  Whatever it is - hope it is the best.


  1. I imposed a dish/laundry boycott yesterday and we all just hung out together. We had a Mario Kart tournament and laughed ourselves silly!

    I also managed to get into my studio and paint for a for me!

  2. My relaxation day should be tomorrow but it is probably more likely to be cleaning day. Sigh

  3. I am being just plain lazy!! lol Need to get busy around here. Glad SITS brought me by your blog! Happy New Year.

  4. My house needs cleaning, but I am so not motivated yet. Plus I have a meeting this morning, so that covers my "responsibilities" for the day right??? I think cleaning will be looming for tomorrow... Happy Monday!

  5. We're relaxing today, at least the morning part o it, then I'm getting cleaning after nap. It must be done. Swinging in from SITS.

  6. I've been relaxing since the day after. Now I really need to clean. It's bad.


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