Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas to do list

My list is long and today it got a little wacky
  1. wrap presents CHECK (except for the ones to be delivered Monday)
  2. take day off to go to kids school Christmas parties CHECK
  3. send hubby to store for mint that I forgot for cookies CHECK (although they had no mint)
  4. wait for school to be cancelled for incliment weather to come CHECK
  5. incliment weather come NO CHECK
  6. bake Mint Oreo Cookies found on Jamie Cooks it Up minus the mint CHECK (and boy are they good!)
  7. bake Charleston Chews CHECK
  8. bake meringue cookies IN PROGRESS
  9. bake butter cookies
  10. clean kitchen for fifth time
  11. figure out dinner
  12. take kids to see the lights at Zootastic
I wonder what tomorrow's will look like. 
How's your Christmas List going?


  1. Looks like you better get busy! Have fun!

  2. #10 The perpetual project! That and laundry. They never end, do they?

  3. hey allie...can i add a 13th item to the list? send me your email address because you won the little girl trio in my 5 days of give-a-ways
    email me at christy@luciagrace(dot)net


  4. my list is always revolving. never gets done!!!! sigh....

  5. My goodness you have a lots to do. My list is not nearly as long, but then again, I'm being lazy. :0)

  6. Wow, that's a whole lotta cooking you're doing!!! Hope your week goes well!

  7. Glad you were able to check a lot of stuff off your list! We're just about ready! =)


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