Monday, December 7, 2009

HELP! How do I not blow Santa's cover???

Have you heard about the Elf on the Shelf? It is all the new rave.  Well, at least at the twins school.  Their teachers each have a Elf on the Shelf who watches the children and then goes back to Santa each night and tells whether they have been 'naughty or nice'.  Each day he comes back to a different spot in the room.

I think it is a great concept, the boys love it.  He comes with a special book and you can name him and 'register' online to get 'adoption' papers.  The boys have fallen in love with the elf, and all in the year I was afraid the magic of Christmas would start to disappear.  They are seven now.

T1 and T2 have been asking for an elf for about a week.  They told me which website I could go to and would ask everyday if I had been.  Well I went.  It's $29.99 for the whole set-up and we don't have an extra thirty bucks for an elf on a shelf.  I nicely told them we just couldn't afford it right now and it was a lot of money.

Last night, T1 politely informed me that I didn't have to worry about getting one anymore.

"Why?" I asked
"Because I wrote Santa a note and the Elf in our class took it to him.  Santa will send you a Elf on a Shelf."
"Wow!" I responded.  Dumbfounded because now I either get to make or break Christmas this year.

There's nothing sadder in this world than to awake Christmas morning and not be a child. ~Erma Bombeck


  1. I had never heard of that Elf on a Shelf before. That is the cutest thing ever! I'm going to have to buy one next year. Can you share that web address? I guess I could just google it. lol
    Also, I guess if you don't get it you could say that the note to Santa got lost and didn't get to him on time. Maybe "Santa" could write a letter back saying that he was sorry he didn't get the note on time and maybe next year if they are good he will give it to them then? Just an idea. ;)

  2. Darn it. I think you are going to have to get the Elf, BUT if it were me, I'd reduce presents some place else or even better, ask relatives to get it for the boys.

    See, I'm sneaky... just like the Elf ;)

  3. I told the six year old that he can ask Santa for anything but that doesn't mean that he will get every single thing he asked for. His response, well you said that last year but I got everything anyway. Tricky, huh?

  4. Oh my kid! My son does those kinds of things too, I don't know where they get it from!

  5. Aww, talk about being backed into a (how can you help but love that persistence!) corner. I hate to admit it but I would be giving in and getting the elf at that point. There is nothing like the magic of Christmas and I'd do just about anything to keep that alive.

  6. When I was younger we had a calendar that counted down the days to Christmas and my Dad would switch the days so it wasn't right and tell me that it was an elf and that Santa was watching. It worked for me.

  7. I like the Elf on the Shelf...that is awesome. I might have to do that for Big G. I know what you mean about making or breaking christmas...OY!

  8. I heard from someone whose 3 year old granddaughter didn't like the elf for his tattle tale ways. Made me laugh!

  9. You know I've got my own elf on the shelf problems! ;-) Tell him the elf didn't know his home address so he's just going to go to the classroom with the other elf instead. ;-)

  10. The expectations of our kids often land us in the "make it or break it" hot seat, don't they?


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