Thursday, November 12, 2009

creative punishments because who likes the same ol' beatings

We are not getting into spanking today - but for the sake of this post - we are leaving it at spanking is boring. 

Besides if I spanked my kids everytime they fought - my hand would be black and blue.  Instead I choose to make them apologize and hug each other.  If they are having a particularly bad day - I make them stand in the front yard and hug for 2 minutes while the neighbors drive by.  Let's just say it does the trick - for a day or so.

Mama Kat asked us to "Describe the best/most creative punishment you have ever given your children or received yourself."

My punishments weren't very creative growing up, even though I wasn't grounded, my father would just talk to me and I would crumble.  Even today, if he were to take that tone, I'd still lose it.  (somethings you never grow out of)

I'm more of the get creative type.  I'm still working on my "most creative punishment."  So far there have been a couple that have come close.
  • scrubbing the kitchen floor with a scrub brush
  • cleaning walls with a toothbrush after writing on them (he was six and totally knew better)
  • a drop of hot sauce (texas pete which is not hot) for lying
Any ideas on the "most creative" punishment?

When grandparents enter the door, discipline flies out the window. ~Ogden Nash


  1. You do the hugging thing too huh?! That usually, not always, but usually stops the fighting between siblings. Other than that, I threaten to make them get nekked and stand outside...they quit real quick for that one! Glad I don't have mini me's who enjoy streaking!

  2. My dad was the same way. That tone got me every time. Around here we've had to start a system to keep the chittlin's in line. It starts with a roll of tickets purchased from Staples. Each Sunday the girls get a strip of 25 tickets (you know, the "Admit One" or raffle type). They're pink and fun and kinda retro. Anyway, each time they get out of line, argue with each other, or leave their stuff around and refuse to pick it up, they lose a ticket. The following Sunday, whatever is left they get to keep. They can then redeem the tickets for special experiences like going out for ice cream, going to a movie, or picking out something special at a store. To determine how much each reward "costs" I go with the basic formula of 1 ticket = 25 cents.

  3. hmmm i am not creative

    unless you count idle threats

  4. lol.. very creative. Lets see.. we are returning to corner. and its working...

    Some things I have made my kids do as punishment..

    pull weeds.
    tied the two oldest together for fighting and made them be "pals"
    clean baseboards
    scrub grout with toothbrushes (not theirs)

    Recently though, I have been trying something new. Excercising.

    I take them out side and make them run, sprint, pushups, jumping jacks. It works!!!

  5. Do you remember my post about making Cole do a time-out while holding a giant 6-lb zucchini over his head?? That's probably the most creative I've gotten!!

  6. I think those are creative! My mom did the ol wash my mouth out with soap for bad words...yuck!

  7. I love the make them apologize deal....either they totally resent it or they feel like ya...I was a turd. I also take away all the toys, sit on the bed....any movement. You're out! LOL

    I need to get creative...they are getting worse...LOL

  8. The hot sauce is creative. Sorry, I don't have any to add. I think I'm suffering from long-term memory. I am forgetting about the boys in their younger years.

  9. I feel the same way about spanking. I wouldn't get anything else done if I spanked them every time they fought. I'm not creative. I usually take away something they like. Or put them in their rooms.

  10. Ugh! I SO know the tone you're talking about!! I am mush when it comes to my Mom like that.


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