Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful for Thanksgiving - Part 5 of 5

Today is Thanksgiving (and 29 days before Christmas). We usually take the day to spend time with our families, watch a parade (football), and eat - a lot. Many times we forget why Thanksgiving was started and we forget to be thankful.

Each day this week I've talked about something I'm thankful for in detail.  Today I'm doing it a little differently. 

Today I am thankful for 50 things! (in random order b/c my brain works that way)

  1. God

  2. my husband

  3. my children

  4. great friends

  5. family

  6. chocolate

  7. pepsi

  8. a home that is ours

  9. a computer

  10. the ability to read

  11. trees

  12. starlight

  13. my suburban

  14. new tires for my suburban

  15. a great school for my children

  16. awesome teachers at said school

  17. blogosphere

  18. Mrs. Fish

  19. Allison

  20. the ease of the internet

  21. online banking

  22. my dog (not necessisarily my husbands dog :)

  23. great doctors

  24. the power of prayer

  25. rugby

  26. a job that I love

  27. rain

  28. flowers - especially iris

  29. food in my belly

  30. puddles to jump in

  31. christmas wonder

  32. in vehicle dvd player

  33. naps

  34. heat (and airconditioning in the summer)

  35. a fireplace

  36. health insurance

  37. a warm jacket

  38. rain

  39. sunshine

  40. living in the south

  41. coffee makers

  42. my cell phone

  43. the fact that work pays my cell phone bill

  44. my health

  45. the health of my family

  46. music

  47. movies

  48. popcorn

  49. laughter



  1. Great list. Thank you for sharing. I hope you have a great and happy Thanksgiving!

  2. What a great list! Happy Thanksgiving!

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