Sunday, November 1, 2009

when it's easier to count candy by the pound

The question of the week posted by Multiples and More is
What is your policy on giving kids candy? What age do you think it is appropriate?

And.. be honest.. do you eat your kids Halloween candy?:)

Let's be honest, that's a loaded question if I ever saw one - especially in this house.  Especially after last year.  Last year we went trick or treating downtown in the historical district.  (I live in the sticks - literally and no one goes trick or treating out here). By the time we got everyone loaded and made the trek and parked and got out - most houses were closed up.  We went anyway, walked 3 blocks and rang 6 doorbells.  As we were walking down from the 6th house, Tyler fell and gashed his finger.  Mommy that I am, of course I had my trusty first aid kit on me - NOT.  So I improvised and cut a piece of his face mask into a strip and wrapped up his finger.  We walked back to the car with him howling the whole way - and I felt so bad for my kids, they only got 6 pieces of candy.  No loot, no heavy bags - so we stopped at a gas station and bought them each a pack of gum and a bag of candy. 

Maybe we should have done the same this year.

Instead we went to a halloween party Friday night, and they got a little bit of candy.  Then we went to a Halloween festival at a church (I figured it would be safer than trick or treating).   This is what we walked away with. 

It is easier to measure this amount of candy by the pound than by the piece.  And yes there are 2 containers of cupcakes and a cake in there.

We're lucky - our boys aren't candy crazy.  If I gave it to them - they wouldn't sit down and eat the whole lot at once (well maybe little man).  Even so, we monitor how much they have and when.  One piece after lunch, one later on - gum whenever as long as they throw it in the trash afterwards.

I'm not picky about what they eat - except for little man.  He can't have lollipops yet because I'm afraid he'll try to bite them and then choke - the same goes for other hard candy.  After than he's good to go - in moderation.

Am I crazy?  Maybe - but isn't that what halloween is about?


  1. I let my kids pig out for a day or so. Then I have to take it away. They get too crazy.

  2. I wish my kids were more like yours. You wouldn't believe the insane amount of candy they got this year (I'll have a pic of it up tomorrow on my blog). They've been horrible today because they've had free reign over it all day.

    I toldmy husband that tomorrow I'm gonna let them go through all the candy and they can pick 20 pieces of want they want and the rest is history.

    History would be in my belly!!

  3. My kids loved the novelty of it when we got home, but the next day - it wasn't such a big deal. Thanks goodness~

  4. My kids are the same way, not candy crazy at all. Probably because we have always done in a small moderation, they would rather eat chips and apples than candy. BTW - that is a TON of goodies! Mouth watering! YUM


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