Wednesday, November 18, 2009

where did you come from? II

I am going to start making this a monthly read - I just can't get enough of you people.  You search for something and then decide that my little blog fits what you are searching for, so you click and land here.  Poor you.
I mean really you searched for:
  • taboo little league - well I didn't know little league was taboo
  • seven year old tantrums - you need to see SuperNanny about that, not me.  My two year old has tantrums, my seven year olds know better
  • sneezed peed pants - well - I guess you were looking for someone to commiserate with
  • vodka + hemorrhoids - are you asking if vodka makes them worse or better, or causes them?  maybe you need Aunt Becky.
  • hemorrhoid harry - I'm just not sure about this one at all
  • poop sayings - we have plenty to say about poop, so you may have found the right spot here
  • can i have a tantrum on the floor - why yes you can, go right ahead, and then go clean your room
  • 3 boys what's my next kid - let me guess...wait a minute... a boy?
  • crap hemorrhoids - what kind aren't crap?
  • what happens when you cry during pregnancy - people know its the hormones
  • secret ingredient for the smell of funnel cakes - I didn't know there was one - but I bet the ingredient is the fair
  • whats life like with 3 boys - well you my dear, unlike some of these others, found exactly what you were searching for!
When a man comes to me for advice, I find out the kind of advice he wants, and I give it to him. ~Henry Wheeler Shaw, a.k.a. Josh Billings


  1. Hilarious! Laughing so hard at "hemorrhoid harry"! Who searches for that?! LOL.

  2. hysterical! how did you find all this information? i would love to find out what searches led to my blog. very interesting. take care.

  3. These are SO funny and your responses are even funnier! What the heck does "crap hemorrhoids" mean? It boggles my mind how some people come up with this stuff.

    BTW, you won my giveaway for The Lullaby Album!!! Yeah!!! Just e-mail me your mailing info when you get a chance and I'll have Jennifer send you your CD!!


  4. I used your prompt today for Writer's Workshop. Thank you.

    This was a very funny post! : )

  5. Vodka and hemorrhoids! Bwahahahahaha!


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