Monday, November 16, 2009

what happened AFTER the parent/teacher conference

This past Friday I went to the dreaded parent/teacher conference. I wasn't really worried - they've been great in school.  But these are 7 year olds in the 2nd grade and I believe in parent involvement.  I don't have to be the class mom, but I do want to know what is going on with my kids.

The conference went really well - I was a proud Mommy as I sat and listened to the teachers just rave about how wonderful our boys are at school.  (Inside thinking, are you talking about the same kids who have knock down drag out fights at home?)

Anyway -that's not the point of the story - although I wish it was.  At 8am the bell rang for the students to go to their classrooms and we quickly finished up.  As the teachers were nice enough to combine the conference for the twins, we happened to be meeting in T2's classroom.  I was about to get up when T2 comes bounding into the room and says to all his friends, "That's my Mommy!"  and he came over and gave me a big hug.  He and I talked for a minute and I tried to figure out why the side of his neck was hurting.  Then I told him bye, I wanted to see T1 before the tardy bell rang.  T2 gave me a hug bye and I went next door.

T1 was in class, unpacking his book bag, and immediately saw me from across the room.  I walked in and said, "Just wanted to say hi since I saw T2."  He looked at me with this strange look on his face, something I didn't recognize at first, as he replied "Hi"

T1's assistant teacher immediately engaged me in conversation and I half listened as I watched my son who was beginning to intrigue me.  He came within about 3 feet of us to put his jacket and book bag in his cubby.  We made eye contact, I tried to engage him in the conversation his teacher and I were having about him, but he just looked at me.

He looked at me with an awkward almost, but not quite, embarrassed look.  He rolled his eyes at me.  Then he went back to his seat without a word.  I finished my conversation and said bye from across the room, T1 grinned, his class clown grin, and said "bye."

That's when I got it.

This was the first time my son didn't want me.

He didn'tt want his MOMMY to embarrass him.  In class he is cool - but having MOMMY there in the morning makes him NOT cool. 

Next time Mommy is going to walk right over and make a big production out of hugging her baby boy!

Has your child had their "Mommy's not cool" moment yet?


  1. Well, I'm glad to hear that they're both doing so well in school! I haven't had those "I'm embarrassed" moments yet but mine are still young. I know they will at some point!!

  2. Aw! It is amazing how one Tyler didn't even care and Nathaniel did. I would definitely give a great bear hug next time!

  3. Oh, I am not looking forward to that stage. My kids will always think I'm cool, right??? Sigh.

  4. Oh I hate it when they reach that parents are the only ones that are supposed to say "ok, enough of you already!". My kids do this kind of stuff to me when we are dropping them off to stay somewhere..they like to tell us "aren't you leaving yet?". Hmph!

  5. I'm glad they are doing well in school. I always longed for the time that mine wouldn't be so clingy and needy. Now I'm the clingy and needy one and they barely tolerate me.

  6. Turbo still likes his hugs from mom, he's hasn't had the your not cool moment yet but I'm sure it's only an matter of time. He's six and the countdown is on. Good to hear that your boys are doing well in school. Turbo is having some issues settling down into first grade. Things are improving slowly.


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