Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thankful for Thanksgiving: Part 1 of 5

In case you didn't know, Thursday is Thanksgiving (and 29 days before Christmas).  We usually take the day to spend time with our families, watch a parade (football), and eat - a lot.  Many times we forget why Thanksgiving was started and we forget to be thankful. 

Thanksgiving started as a harvest festival dinner, out of gratitude for the food and the people that had come together.  As we celebrate the day - we should remember to be grateful for the things that we have in our lives, from the food on our plates, to the people who are here to eat with us.  I know that during these times, it is harder to be thankful for what we do have, but that is why it is so important.  Each day this week I am going to talk about something I am thankful for and on Thursday I will have a list of 50 things.  Feel free to join me this one day or every day this week!

Today - and everyday I am thankful for my husband.

Growing up, girls dream of a man to stand by their side.  Our desires to always have someone and be able to stop looking for Mr. Right - overshadow everything else we do.

I met Mr. Right 9 years ago.  I also stood him up on our first date - on purpose.  It took a long time of being pushed and prodded by friends to go for Mr. Right before I would listen.  I'm glad I finally did.

We have been through a lot together.  Some very scary moments (if you read last week's post you know what I mean) and some great ones too.  Life has not always turned out like we planned.  We have set goals and watched them wash away.  We've made timelines only to have them blown out of the water.  Through everything and anything he has stood by my side.  Together we go through thick and thin.  Together we face this world.

I am thankful for my husband,
  • who loves me no matter what
  • who stands with me, not in front of or behind me
  • who supports my every endeavor
  • who is willing to do whatever it takes to make our household work
  • who loves his children like nothing else
  • who is a great father, son, brother, friend
  • who makes my coffee each day
John, I love you.  Always and Forever.  Thank you.


  1. I haven't married mine, but I blessedly can agree that a good man is something to be very thankful for indeed. Yours definitely sounds like a keeper!

  2. There's just somethin' about a good man, isn't there.....hold on, I gotta give mine a big kiss!

  3. What a great reminder; to be thankful of those big (and small) things in life.

  4. Aww, that was so sweet..and then you threw in how he makes you coffee every day and that made it funny! Sounds like it's a wonderful thing that you decided to listen to your friends!

  5. It sounds like you are very blessed!!! What an amazing man you married!!!

  6. that was very sweet - i missed your previous post but loved that one too - i hate idiots who should not be working with children


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