Monday, November 30, 2009

When all is quiet

When all is quiet, as Mom's, we know something is wrong.

We wish for peace and tranquility in our homes, but we never ever wish for quiet.  For when it is quiet, strange things begin to occur.

Once when the twins were 2, I went to the bathroom.  Mistake 1:  Bathroom breaks are not allowed.  When I came out of the bathroom, I immediately knew something was wrong, because the house was quiet.  I started looking for something to calm my fears.  I found my troublemakers in the kitchen.  T1: was holding the high chair steady in front of the stove while T2 was standing in the high chair - stirring the pot on the stove.  (no the stove was not on)

See, I had the immediate instinct and knowledge of what happens when all is quiet.  My dear hubby didn't.  He asked for a few minutes of quiet out of everyone, and sadly he got it.

While enjoying his quiet he walked into the kitchen where he found little man - he also found a great big mess.  Little man had decided Daddy needed some coffee, and so doing like Daddy does, went to get some coffee grinds.  He then proceeded to dump about 10 scoops of grinds into the coffee machine.  Of course they didn't all make it in - what machine holds that much?  So there were grinds on the counter, stove and floor.  I only wish dear hubby had taken a picture.  He did learn that quiet is something he won't ask for again.

What have your kids done when all is quiet?


  1. Now dad needs to learn that every accident if blog fodder. And to take pictures of all mishaps - for the blog.

  2. Oh man! That was a close call with the stove. Another thing to be thankful for...stove wasn't on!

    Well, let's see here. When my oldest daughter was 5, she had a scissors incident. It was nap time, but nap time normally didn't take as long as it was taking that particular day. So when I went in to check on her...she quickly shoved a pair of scissors under the bed. Never mind all the hair ALL OVER her floor..but as long as she hid the scissors! Her beautiful long hair was cut..into a mullet. Barbies hair was cut along with a bunch of stuffed animals. Hair was everywhere.

  3. Oh girl. I have 4. And in the time it takes me to go to the bathroom they have colored the baby, glued the baby, eaten almost all of the Halloween candy (that was up on top of the cupboards I can't even reach without a chair.) and that's just recently. In the time it takes me to nurse the baby they can find hidden scissors and cut each other hair, not to mention destroy 3 rooms that were cleaned before I started nursing.

    What would we do without them though? LOL

    Stopping by from SITS!

  4. Queit is always suspect and I only have one that can make big messes right now, but Bruiser(my ten month old) is a quick study and will be one to watch out for soon. Turbo(six) can get into more stuff and that is the only time he is quiet.

    I have also learned that the response to my question of "What are you doing?" should never be "Nothing!" It is always something and usually something he shouldn't be doing.

  5. Hahah, I would love to see pictures of this! Quiet is not good, this I know, too!

  6. It involved Vasoline and baby powder. It was not easy to clean up. AT ALL.

  7. Haha! It is so true, though! I wish your hubs got a picture of that too.

    I don't have anything too creative yet, but my little man has just recently found his mischievous side. The worst I have had to worry about when it is quiet is that he's going up the stairs by myself, which only happens when one of us forgets to secure the gate at the bottom. You can bet he checks to see if he can get up there all the time though!


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