Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday's Featured Cause

In today's world there are many things to be aware of and cautious about.  Diseases, heartache, birth defects and many more plague our world.

As women we believe in the causes that closely touch our lives.  We go out of our way to bring awareness to our own causes as well as support others when they speak on theirs.  Not to say that men don't, there is just something about the heart of a woman...

As I've travelled blogosphere, I've gotten to know many women who dedicated their lives to various causes.  Some of them are close to my heart, some of them I had never heard of.  Either way - these women make us more aware in our own lives, and I believe make us better people.

"Extraordinary change in our society will always be inspired by ordinary women." 

Because of these women, I have decided to add a feature Friday to my blog.  Not just any ol' feature either.  These features will be about real women, real lives, and real causes that we all need to be aware of.  Some of them will be walking for MS, others may be spreading the word on pulse ox.  No matter what they are doing, it is from their hearts.  Friday's Featured Cause will begin March 12, 2010 and continue until we are done talking about the causes that affect us. 

If you want to feature your cause or your blog about a cause, please fill out this form / survey and I will get back to you with any supplemental questions and your feature date.  If you want, take the Friday Featured Cause button from the side bar and add it to your blog.

Each week I will add the weekly feature link to this post, and label them all FFC.  Hopefully doing both will make it easier to search for your cause, or read about all the causes.

Through the Friday Featured Cause I hope to bring awareness, compassion and support to those who need it most.  Thank you for your help!
Friday’s Featured Cause

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