Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Party Questions Answered!

Whew - yesterday's party was a blast!  If you missed the festivities, I was a SITS feature blogger, and we had a party over here!  I am still working on visiting everyone who came to see me,  replying to the comments was work in itself.  I will say, I'm grateful gmail, puts all the nonreply email addresses together, otherwise I would've sent quite a few off to nonreply land.

If you are new - thanks for sticking around, so glad you decided to join in on the fun.  One thing I noticed while reading all the posts, was that there were a lot of questions.  I want to address them today - long before I get off on another tangent and forget all about them.

Most asked:  Where do you get all those quotes?
I'm somewhat of a quote fanatic, I have my favorites (one of which is here today) and others I search out to coincide with my theme.  Quote Garden is an awesome website, easy to navigate, and they are always adding new categories.  I get a lot of mine from there.

How many bids have I recieved on the Line Art?
None, but I still have my hopes up.  I think I need to lower the price, because apparently a lot of people have the same art in their house.

Did you write more on CHD?
Yes, off and on I write about congenital heart defects, the most common birth defect out there ( 1 in 100).  If you want to read those posts, scroll down the right side until you find labels, and click the one labeled CHD.

Were your mirrored twins mono twins?
For those that don't understand the question - I was asked if my twins are Monochorionic. Actually they are Monochorionic-Diamniotic (Mono-Diamo) which means they had one placenta, one outer sac and seperate inner sacs (yes you have two sac linings).  If you want the whole story with all the cool informational links - read the story of twins.

How is your son doing now? (asking about little man's heart defect)
Little man is doing awesome at the moment, he has come a long way and done a lot of healing on his own.  We are blessed with the miracle of him - and the fact that he hasn't had to have surgery.  Only time will tell the future, but we don't worry about it too much.

How exhausted are you answering all these questions all the time??? (regarding the questions from the kids)
Some days - especially when they were a little younger and learning about the world it was mind blowing, but these days they are teaching me.  Do you remember what onomonopia is?

Isn't it true how our inclinations to sometimes judge other parents and their skills (or lack-there-of) decrease exponentially when we have multiples?
So very very true!  When you have multiples you have your hands full to say the least - and all the sudden you understand that anything can happen at any time.  You are then able to watch others and know that you don't know their whole story - so don't judge.

Does throwing a kid in the shower fully clothed put me in this same category, "jail"?
These days, probably!

I would love to know how you changed your "comments" to say more than just that.
The moment I've been waiting a year for, the moment I know more than another blogger.  No offense, but when you are new to blogging or blogger, you wonder if you'll ever know more than anyone else.
First, from your dashboard go to settings, then choose the comments tab.  About halfway down is a section labelled "comment form message"  type what you would like the comment form to say and save your changes. Wala you are done.  (this is also where you can change your moderation and the request for word verification.

If you have more questions, let me know! I'm more than happy to answer away.

If the track is tough and the hill is rough, THINKING you can just ain't enough! ~Shel Silverstein


  1. I LOVE Quote Garden! (I'm sort-of a quote junkie...).

    I love all this information. Thank you for sharing and I'm glad you had a great SITS day!

  2. Crap. I missed it. Sorry. Happy one day late SITS day!

  3. I loved reading about your twins!

    You have a great blog!

  4. Stopping by from SITS. I hope you enjoyed your day yesterday. I checked out your blog then but I wasn't able to comment so I came back. :-) Stop by for a visit some time....
    - Cougs @ www.cougar-tales.blogspot.com

  5. I am so glad you were the featured blogger! I was going to comment...but of course I suck so I commented today. You so so so so deserve your day! I admit too to throwing kids in the shower full clothed....or at least one. LOL

  6. Hope you had a great SITS day... sorry i missed it!!

  7. How nice of you to come back and answer all the questions!! I love Quote Garden...I'm always looking for new quotes for my kids' birthday videos!

  8. i love quotes! she says rushing off to check out the quote garden....


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