Thursday, March 18, 2010

What do you do when you have over 50 balls in your house?

You play sports.
Lots of sports.

Sports all year long.

When the twins were born, dear hubby just knew they would be car fanatics just like him.  By the time they were 1 1/2 years old - we knew otherwise. 

My husband looked at me the other day and asked how we ended up with jocks.  Like I know?  Not that we are couch potatoes, I'm actually a coach.  But there is a huge difference between loving and playing one sport verses trying to play 3 a year.

The twins are 7 and we are already making up sports rules. 
  1. No one plays sports during the winter (mommy and daddy want a season off - and don't want to freeze to death)
  2. Only one sport/after school activity during the school year. 
    • Which means soccer or football, but not both
    • Which also apparently means they can play two sports over the summer (rugby and summer league baseball are current choices)
  3.  Mommy and Daddy only buy 1 set of required gear per season.  If you lose a cleat halfway through the season, you buy a new set.
  4. Good Sportsmanship carries over into everything you do. 
    • if Mommy hears bad sportsmanship at home, that means you are out of the game and run laps around the house.
    • if heard at a game - it's up to the coach, but Mommy will be furious
I'm thinking there may be more rules as they grow - but that is it for now.  If you have little sports fans, this is what you have to look forward to.  It is wierd if you are not used to it.

What is your child a fanatic about?


  1. Great those balls...from a coaching family...and your blog design is great..

    Doing a little blog hopping...I have 2 GREAT GIVEAWAYS that I will draw for on Sunday hope you will stop by.....


  2. I love the bad sportsmanship at home=laps around the house, lol! My boys and actually I am pretty sure my daughter, are sport nuts too. ;D

  3. I love this! I have 7 year old twins, as well, plus a ten year old and eleven year old. All boys, of course, hence my name. :) I agree with these rules~great ones to have. We do one sport a school year as well, and we're involved in church, so those things keep us going. We also don't play on any team that practices/plays on church days. God comes first.

    I would love to tell you how I found your blog~but I can't remember!!! I like it, though. Blessings to you today!


  4. What do you do? I would have a ball! I had 2 girls and at one point counted 200 Barbies. Now add to that the tiny little shoes, accessories, etc. But you know what they say: a family that plays together stays together. : )

  5. My parents only allowed us to do one activity in each season (I think winter was allowed because the skating rink where I took lessons was down the street from our house).

    However, if I wanted to swim, I couldn't take art lessons.

    I see my friends with the multiple sports or multiple travel ice hockey leagues and wonder when they have time to breathe.

  6. NO kis here yet, but I have a feeling that ours will be into sports. Hubby coaches baseball and basketball!

  7. ..."it's up to the coach, but Mommy will be furious."

    Yep, I'm pretty sure which one I'd be more afraid of! ;o)

  8. We're just now starting to venture into sports and I agree that they should only do one activity at a time. My niece and nephew do a bunch of different sports at one time and I honestly don't know how they keep up with everything!!


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