Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Slipcover of life

I recently bought new slipcovers for our couch and loveseat.  We've needed them for about 2 years, but have dealt with sheets covering the cushions.

Two years ago we brought home a dog from the pound.  A beautiful mutt - boxer, pit, maybe a little lab mix.  My gentle giant.  I love her dearly, but we learned very quickly not to leave her alone in the house.  While we are home, she is fantstic, when we left, she ate our couch cushions. 
Maybe it was because they tasted good.  Maybe it was out of spite.  Maybe it was because of all the kid crumbs hiding inside.  No matter the reason - she ate them. Now she is crate trained, or goes outside.  When we are home, she is allowed to roam free, and often sleeps on the same couches she ate.

I am now in love with the new slipcovers.  Spill something on them, you don't have to worry about upholstry cleaning, just whip it off and throw it in the washer.  So easy!

I wish other parts of life were that easy.

Just imagine, make a mistake and wash it off.  Screw up your checkbook - just throw it in the wash.  Forget to send lunches for the kids, ahh - it'll comeout in the wash.

Maybe we need to spend a little more time washing out our life, and not taking things so seriously.  I believe that a lot of us have more stress in our lives than we ought to. What if we could wash out the problems, and live stress free?  We'd all live longer, I'm sure.

What do you want a slipcover for in your life?


  1. I want to take care of my bills by throwing them in the wash. Unfortunately I don't think my landlord accepts Tide.

  2. I'm all for that! Of course, I don't want to live past my 80's, I'm ok with old, just not too old! I'll settle for semi-old and cantankerous!

  3. Oh my goodness your so right! But I think I need to have my hubby read your post not me... I'm more the type to realize that things are just things..

    He freaks out when our litte (5 pound) dog sleeps on our cushions and smooshes them a little. I wish I could throw a slip cover on him and tell him to chill out a little..

    Oh well. I love your blog by the way! I worship the fact that you have 3 boys, 2 of them twins and your still alive! :)

  4. I would totally cover, rinse and wash out my job situation. I'd love to start over! Or at least have a clean slate.


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